Friday, July 01, 2011

captured in a card #1

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A while ago Sian posted this over at High in the Sky. I loved the idea. This was the bit that sold it to me...

(Sian's words)

"I love the thought of someone on a rainy Sunday afternoon sitting down and leafing through an album of cards. Pulling out one here and there and reading the memory inside. Like a collection of old postcards, maybe, or visiting cards. I've made one already. One card. One memory. Captured."

With so many stories, scribbled in a note book this is a great way to store them.

This card holds a conversation with number two son....

June 2011
I was getting ready to have a shower, and as usual I wasn't on my own, (is there anywhere you get peace when you have little people in the house?)

jack: mum is that a birth mark on your leg?
me: yes jack it is.
jack: you have two birth marks don't you mum?
me: no darling, I have three (weird I know!) look I've got one on my hand too.
jack: where's my birth mark mum?
me: you don't have one darling.
jack: huh! (puzzled expression on face)..... if i don't have a birth mark how was I born!

one card. one memory. one conversation. captured.

love it....thank you to Sian for the inspiration.


  1. What a fantastic idea, I usually write all the funny sayings and conversations that I have with Harrison in a plain old pad, but this way of doing it is so much better.
    I love the card, the pinwheel is beautiful [red spoty is a fav of mine]
    I think I'm going to have to use this idea, the only problem is it's yet another thing added to my already huge list of crafty things that I'd like to do - I need more hours for this wonder hobby [obsession] of mine.
    Have a great weekend with the family - Ju xx
    P.S - there is no where to hide with little ones around, trust me I've tried :)

  2. what a lovely idea, it's so important to capture those moments


  3. Louise, this is fantastic! I know you said to me before about wanting to play along - seeing it come alive like this is a thrill. Your card is beautiful and that's a perfect memory to start off with. Here's to a lot more "capturing"!

  4. Great memory to record, love the pin wheel on your card.

  5. Gorgeous card Louise and such a sweet memory to go into it! :)

  6. Lovely story! I love the birthmark on my son's back. . . love that I've seen it grow wince the very beginning.

  7. Ooh this is a fantastic idea, love it. Wish I could remember all of the witty stupid comments me and James have said, maybe I should have a notapd permanently stuck to me, so I remember these special little moments :)


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