Sunday, July 10, 2011

Photo of the week & 10 things

This weeks subject is self portrait! The challenge I dreaded the most. I imagine I'm not alone when I say how I really really do not like being in photos (unless I've had a few drinks!).

This was a tough one to do, I was being lazy too (couldn't be bothered to get the tripod out) so I took many a photo holding the camera up in front of me. This produced the most contorted facial expressions imaginable along with several double chins and tops of the head chop offs.

I wanted to sit down, set the self timer to take a floor shot, but it had been raining all day and I would have ended up going out with a wet cheesy photos it is.

Out of a bad bunch I settled for these two. The first one, of half a face, was an accident. I tweaked it a little to enhance the colour....just slightly!

and changed this one to black and white.

Look out for Karen's photo of the week, I'm sure she'll post soon enough unless she's having trouble with blogger today like I have this evening.

I thought I'd combine Shimelle's 10 things on the 10th of the month, fitting it in with this weeks photo challenge. Here are 10 things about me and photography...

1. I wish I had more time to devote to photography,
2. take a class
3. or two
4. and master Photoshop.
5. As my favourite type of photos are close up's...
6. my next lens should be a macro (but I really would like a 50mm 1.4)
7. for my Cannon DSLR,
8. so I can take a photo like this
9. and this
10. while I dream about saying I took this.

Thanks for popping by, wishing you all a lovely week.


  1. I love your photos Louise. Like you I would find it hard to do one of myself. Yours turned out beautiful.

  2. Great self portraits. I'm having problems with emails and confession not managed the photo yet but will asap promise :D

    Love the 10 things as well. Mmmm time if only !! xx

  3. lovely photos of you Louise. I just wish I had a SLR, I would love to be a good photographer and stop using auto!!


  4. Lovely photos of you - I would be very pleased with these (I'm not good when it comes so pictures of me - I'd rather be behind the camera!)Have a great week x

  5. Hee hee, I don't think there are any scrapbookers who like having photos taken of themselves lol! I was chuckling at your comment about the distorted facial expressions when taking your own photo! Your eyes and nose all kind of get bigger from the close up! If you get the Scrapbook Magazine you must have a look at my photo in the designer gallery, I crack up every time I see it because it is so distorted...I really need to learn to let people take photos of me:) I just love the photos you have taken! I always like half face photos because they are different and I like different, the colour you have tweaked is just perfect :) OMGoodness I have typed you an essay! ;)

  6. Great photos - love the half photo accident - works really well. I don't like photos of me much - and so don't tend to feature in them a lot!

  7. Lou they are lovely photos of you!

  8. your self portraits are great, I know what you mean about taking better photos I am only just learning and I would like a similar lens for my canon!

  9. Hiya Lou,
    Your photos are fantastic, you clever thing. Your much braver than me - I hate being in the photo - what is it with us mums xxxx

  10. lovely photos. i forgot the 10 things.....try and list tonight, best get my thinking cap on.

  11. Hi Louise, I love that cropped photo of yourself. And yourr crotchet bag in the previous post is beautiful. I so wish I could sew and crotchet.x


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