Sunday, July 17, 2011

Photo of the week

This weeks challenge was a " different perspective" and without even having to put my thinking cap on I came up with these photos, while snapping away at the boys playing in the garden with their dad on Friday evening.Super Stan!
Who remembers doing this when they were kids?
...and a side shot!
This is the last week of school *hurray* I've not managed any crafty things this past week, even with the best of's just been one busy week....roll on next week I say!!


  1. gr8 pics! I used to 'fly' with my kiddies when they were younger too!

    Woo hoo roll on the end of term, I can't wait :)

    Enjoy ur week


  2. lol great photos Louise! Used to love doing this with the girls.

  3. I can remember doing that with my kids!

    Jane x

  4. Great idea for photos! I especially love the first one, how cool would that one look if you could edit out the feet! I always did that with my boys or them lying flat on my shins whilst I held their hands and then flinging them up and catching them back on my legs. They always wanted me to do it, and it was good for keeping legs and tummy toned ;)

  5. Great photos ..... and yes I remember doing that :)

  6. Great photos - brings back memories !

  7. Love the photos :) I remember doing that with my Daddy when I was little...lovely memories :) xx

  8. That's an amazing shot. Super Cute! I use to do that with my kids too. Now they are all takller then me.....Oo! Maybe they can do that to me now!?!


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