Thursday, July 07, 2011

Pretty post

Back in March I brought this fabulous butterfly fabric to line the inside of a crocheted bag. gorgeous isn't it?
so here it is all fitted and stitched in, with handles too. For a first attempt I'd say it is pretty good going!

I managed a layout about a Chantilly Sponge cake number 1 son made at school in Design and Technology (Home Economics when I was at school).....showing my age now I imagine *laugh*

There's something you should know about number one son, he is very very clumsy......some say he takes after his mum!...... I could dispute this, but I'm afraid I would then be lying.

Any how if you look close (or click on photo to make it bigger) you will see that his poor cake is a teensy bit of a mess and this is all because he left the cake in its tin on the table in the class/cooking room. He walked away and "somehow* the tin fell on the floor......."all by itself!"
Despite it not being in tip top condition, it did taste absolutely perfect.


  1. Oh I would not line the bag with that fabric I would wear in on the outside of the bag.
    Love the story about the cake - it doesn't look too bad!

  2. Fab page! the cake looks lovely :)

  3. Love the page, especially the scallops.

    I'm still struggling with crocheting but that bag looks brilliant!

  4. What a shame about the, I'm sure it tasted just as good though. Funny how things just seem to jump off workflow.

  5. lol Mel, it did cross my mind, so I brought enough fabric to make something else too.

  6. The bag looks gorgeous, Love the fabric so bright and colourful.
    Love the story about the cake and great lo.
    Have a great evening - Ju x

  7. gorgeous Louise

    jane x

  8. Love the bag and the layout, also the fact that the colours match. The cake looks good to me - I just hope it didn't pick up any extra 'sprinkles' from the floor!

  9. Wow the bag looks gorgeous, love the fabric. Cake looks yummy as well regardless of it's little accident. x


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