Wednesday, August 31, 2011

love you guys

A quick post to share a layout of H and my nephew on holiday.
We're trying to make the most of the last week of the holidays so enjoy your week and i'll catch up with you all soon!

P.S.Today is the last day to let Kirsty know you wish to take part in her giveaway with a twist.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Photo of the week

My.....has it really been a whole week since I posted!!

....that can only mean it's photo of the week time again.

This week was creative photography and I decided to try my hand in photoshop, this is what I came up with:

a thistle (I think).
and this one of H & S.
(click photos please to see them big and clear)

I would like to have been able to highlight areas of the photo, like their eyes but after quite a while I gave up. Why is it when you get on the computer two minutes turns into two hours?!

While I'm typing this I just popped across to Karen's to link up and have seen her fantastic flower wow it's amazing, the dreamy softness.........the colour......the depth of field.....amazing! I want to take photos like these! lol!

Thank you for popping by and enjoy your BH Monday.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Photo of the week

This past week we've been out more than we've been in so rather than not post any photo at all I'm posting one that I took on holiday.

Karen set the subject of "indoors", using different lightening. I would have plumped for natural lightening which is what I used to take these photos.

(click photos for a clear image)
and its not quite an indoors photo more an inside photo.......inside the Eden Project that is!

and another.

Sam also joined us and you can see her photos here too.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Is Hot Pink your colour? I love pink but sadly hot pink doesn't seem to be my colour or so my scrapping supplies say. No hot pink cardstock, papers or embellies anywhere to be seen!!

So a little improvisation had to take place with this layout if I wanted to take part in another Shimelle Fabulous Challenge! As I wanted it to be the hot pink that I took away for inspiration with this layout....after a long search I did find a Sassafras Lass paper and look it's hot pink.... and orange.
The element that caught my eye with this challenge was scrapping a 7x7 on a 12x12 and I think I pretty much stuck to that.
(click on the photo to make it a clear picture)
This was the first holiday photo beautiful sister and I supping our very first holiday beer.
What's the first thing you do when you reach your holiday destination?

and here's the stamp.

Wishing you all a super duper weekend. ta ta for now.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

3 is my magic number

Another challenge from Shimelle was to use three of something on a layout.

I certainly agree that three is a magic know with three boys I have to agree! So with a slight play on words I used the title from this challenge too.
I used the same photo, in colour and black and white and made three flower/fan embellishments.
and here's the stamp!
Please click on the photos if you'd like to see them clear. I have made a note to look into this once the boys are back at school. I'm sure it must be the size I upload my photos at that makes them look blurry.

Thank you

Deep Sea Fishing

Hasn't the weather been pants today? We've been stuck in doors making cakes....*yummmm*....I hope it brightens up tomorrow for my day out with the girls........and boys......I can't face another Linkday like this.

Between the cake making, cleaning and ironing I did manage to photograph some layouts completed recently.

Inspired by Shimelle's use Aqua and Red.
(please click on photo for a clear image)
It does seem like our holiday in Cornwall was many moons ago instead of just three weeks. While we were there the men took the boys deep sea Mackerel fishing. With the promise of lots of photographs for me to scrap! What more could I ask for, someone to take photos for me and a quiet (apart from the dog on the beach endlessly barking), child free afternoon.

It was lovely to sit on the scorching hot beach with my sister chilling for an afternoon, little did I know that this photo....and quiet an artistic one at that... (must be what comes of being married to a scrapper!).... would be the only photo taken on the whole trip!! read that right, just one whole photo.......2 men and 5 boys equals..... one photo......and terrible terrible terrible sea sickness.

So bad that my brother in law (and the skipper) had to look after Jack (who caught 7 Mackerel) and my two nephews...while Stan fell asleep and Colin and H spent the whole time hung over the back of the boat!!! Colin knows he suffers from *slight* seasickness but this trip took *slight* sea sickness to a whole new level.

You may think that's a slight exaggeration....but you didn't see the state of them when they got of the boat *laugh* Colin was a shade of green and his eyes looked like they were about to pop out of his's safe to say that he will never get on a boat again.......ever!!

Did you notice the stamp? after Julie's going postal my aim is to use a stamp or two on each layout from this years holiday.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wish you were here

Good afternoon to you all....the summer holidays are flying by and so far I've only managed to complete one layout.....always the way when I have a head full of ideas!

These past few weeks I've been reading Julie's excellent going postal series over at Notes on Paper....and I've been itching to find the the stamp collection I inherited all those years ago as a small child......I remember spending many an hour sorting through and putting them into books but I don't actually remember "collecting stamps". So on Friday a search of the loft began and I did find my small box of stamps. The books I've left up there for another time.

The box, a little worse for wear, my name scrawled all on the inside, is vintage apparently after I saw one here.I sorted and sorted and found a selection which I think will suit the holiday layouts I'm planning to create.

Using Shimelle's sketch challenge I made the first page for my holiday album including 6 gorgeous stamps.
hope you are all enjoying your Sunday afternoon I need to go and check the roast potatoes ..... dinner is smelling nice!!

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Captured in a card #3

You might remember the conversation captured in a card which arose because of this post here.

Card number three records, a conversation or would you say more, an observation from number three son:-
June 2011
Sitting in the back of the car Stan and Jack were singing along to the radio when.....

Stanley says to Jack "If I was a dinosaur I would be able to sing Lady Gaga songs"

Me and Harry looked at each other, frown and wait for what came next......

Stanley looks at Jack and sings "Ra-Ra-Ra -ah-ah-ah"

I still laugh now thinking about do their little minds work eh *laugh*!

one card. one memory. one conversation. captured.

While I was photographing the card I couldn't miss this photo opportunity.
I took this using the Macro function on my camera - sadly I don't have a macro lens........this could soon change though as today I received my Tesco clubcard vouchers and I notice that I can change them for Jessops vouchers!! So what should I do? use them for a day out with the boys or for the purchase of a new lens?....decisions.....decisions!

Friday, August 05, 2011

Photo of the week

Finally we are home, most of this week we've spent in Manchester with family. I tried to pop on here and catch up - but now we are home I hope to get around to catching up with the blogging world properly.

First up I have two weeks of my photo challenge to post. Two weeks ago the challenge was street photography and as we were in Padstow, Cornwall home of Rick Stein this is what I came up with.
Last weeks was wildlife so keeping in with the holiday theme I chose a seagull for my subject, and my are these things noisy first thing in the morning!
You can catch up with Karen's weekly photo challenges here.

PS. click on images to make them clear - I still have no idea how to rectify the fuzzy photo situation - sorry!

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Surfing dudes

We spent the first week of the summer holidays in the surf city of Cornwall, and the weather was glorious. So while I still have no craft projects to share with I'm going to show you a couple of holiday photos.
(click on image for big clear photos)
(my three and my two nephews)

Cornwall must have been the place to be last week too, we bumped into a few people we knew. On Fistral Beach we caught up with H's old swim instructor, a few days later I spotted Sam on Towan Beach and then I had an opportunity to meet Karen, who I've been talking too for a few years now, it was so lovely to finally meet her.
This is the only photo of us together too, sitting in the bar area.

I am way behind on my photo of the week challenge so this week I will be playing catch up. Hoping you are all enjoying your summer holidays.
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