Sunday, August 07, 2011

Captured in a card #3

You might remember the conversation captured in a card which arose because of this post here.

Card number three records, a conversation or would you say more, an observation from number three son:-
June 2011
Sitting in the back of the car Stan and Jack were singing along to the radio when.....

Stanley says to Jack "If I was a dinosaur I would be able to sing Lady Gaga songs"

Me and Harry looked at each other, frown and wait for what came next......

Stanley looks at Jack and sings "Ra-Ra-Ra -ah-ah-ah"

I still laugh now thinking about do their little minds work eh *laugh*!

one card. one memory. one conversation. captured.

While I was photographing the card I couldn't miss this photo opportunity.
I took this using the Macro function on my camera - sadly I don't have a macro lens........this could soon change though as today I received my Tesco clubcard vouchers and I notice that I can change them for Jessops vouchers!! So what should I do? use them for a day out with the boys or for the purchase of a new lens?....decisions.....decisions!


  1. lol love the card and the story made me smile.
    Stunning photo!!!!!
    I know what you mean about Rick being wasted on the kids I think my 2 would be the same :)

  2. Very cute! That's a perfect "capture"

  3. i think you should treat yourself Louise

    jane x

  4. Gorgeous photo...and still laughing about Lady Gaga :D


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