Thursday, August 18, 2011

Deep Sea Fishing

Hasn't the weather been pants today? We've been stuck in doors making cakes....*yummmm*....I hope it brightens up tomorrow for my day out with the girls........and boys......I can't face another Linkday like this.

Between the cake making, cleaning and ironing I did manage to photograph some layouts completed recently.

Inspired by Shimelle's use Aqua and Red.
(please click on photo for a clear image)
It does seem like our holiday in Cornwall was many moons ago instead of just three weeks. While we were there the men took the boys deep sea Mackerel fishing. With the promise of lots of photographs for me to scrap! What more could I ask for, someone to take photos for me and a quiet (apart from the dog on the beach endlessly barking), child free afternoon.

It was lovely to sit on the scorching hot beach with my sister chilling for an afternoon, little did I know that this photo....and quiet an artistic one at that... (must be what comes of being married to a scrapper!).... would be the only photo taken on the whole trip!! read that right, just one whole photo.......2 men and 5 boys equals..... one photo......and terrible terrible terrible sea sickness.

So bad that my brother in law (and the skipper) had to look after Jack (who caught 7 Mackerel) and my two nephews...while Stan fell asleep and Colin and H spent the whole time hung over the back of the boat!!! Colin knows he suffers from *slight* seasickness but this trip took *slight* sea sickness to a whole new level.

You may think that's a slight exaggeration....but you didn't see the state of them when they got of the boat *laugh* Colin was a shade of green and his eyes looked like they were about to pop out of his's safe to say that he will never get on a boat again.......ever!!

Did you notice the stamp? after Julie's going postal my aim is to use a stamp or two on each layout from this years holiday.


  1. lol, poor things but a great photo!

    Jane x

  2. Great layout, still laughing about the sea sickness - though I would be just the same.xx

  3. Fab layout, I love the idea of the stamps! :) I laughed at the single photo from a group of males until I read about the seasickness, oh dear well in that case the photo really is just perfect for the trip! :)

  4. I love ur LO! Fabby colours, I need to get scrapping! {Ive missed so much! lol}

  5. Great Picture. I have a few summer camp events that only produced 1 photo. Once it was on the bus ride home. BOYS!lol

  6. Yes, and I noticed the lovely ribbon and the gorgeous overall "look" of this page


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