Friday, August 05, 2011

Photo of the week

Finally we are home, most of this week we've spent in Manchester with family. I tried to pop on here and catch up - but now we are home I hope to get around to catching up with the blogging world properly.

First up I have two weeks of my photo challenge to post. Two weeks ago the challenge was street photography and as we were in Padstow, Cornwall home of Rick Stein this is what I came up with.
Last weeks was wildlife so keeping in with the holiday theme I chose a seagull for my subject, and my are these things noisy first thing in the morning!
You can catch up with Karen's weekly photo challenges here.

PS. click on images to make them clear - I still have no idea how to rectify the fuzzy photo situation - sorry!


  1. I'm used to noisy seagulls, goodto have you back

    jane x

  2. We are big Rick Stein fans in this house and would love to be standing right where you took that photo!

  3. Great Pics!! I loved Padstow when we were there a few years ago! x

  4. I hope you enjoyed your trip! Great photos :)

  5. Fab photos Lou, did you go in and eat in his restaurant? My hubby would love to eat there, he watches all his cooking programmes!

  6. Mmmm Rick's chips yummy. Seagulls the bain of our lives down here, hopefully this one didn't help himself to your chips!!


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