Thursday, September 15, 2011

Giant times

 Earlier this year we had a day trip to london. We arrived at London Bridge tube station with the intention of visiting The London Dungeons. We stepped outside the station and was greeted by this rather tall chap. The boys were in awe. 

Well I couldn't help myself when he got down on his knees to speak to us and was still taller than me (5ft 4) I had to ask him. 

He was 7 foot 1inch tall!!!! with size 19 feet............yes you did hear correct........ size 19 feet!!

....and you know what they say about men with big feet.............

 ......they have big shoes!!! 

Come on then......what were you thinking??! lol!!

This man was so nice and as it was H's birthday, he gave us a great family deal for entrance into the London Bridge Experience. I have to say everyone thoroughly enjoyed their history trip through london.

We saved the London Dungeons for another day.........the queue to get in was (allegedly) over three hours long. There's far too much to see in London to spend time queuing for that long!!

This layout was inspired by a Lily bee design blog post pinned to Pinterest.


  1. LOL Louise, my mind was on the dirty track not the shoe one!!

  2. WOW 7 foot tall!!! Great photos and love your page!

  3. Great layout Lou! I love the dimension from the thickers and the square design.

  4. Had to laugh at your post .... big feet!!
    Great Page! Love the banner across the top! x

  5. I was thinking big shoes lol. It's such a lovel layout, I love the colour combo :)

  6. LOL - that is some big feet, would hate to pay for his shoes!!

    Gorgeous layout and colours. xx

  7. Haha! My son is 6'3" and still growing so of course I was thinking of shoes!!

    That's a beautiful page with a gorgeous choice of colours

  8. Love the papers you've used, and you've inspired me to maybe plan a little family trip of our own to London in the not too distant future.


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