Sunday, September 11, 2011

Photo of the week

How hard can it be to take photographs of food do you think? Extremely hard it seems! This was one subject that I thought would be rather straight forward and I never gave any thought to forward planning.

I mean's vibrant in colour (mostly) doesn't can't answer back.......give you gip or moan at you to hurry up.....a perfect subject wouldn't you say!!!

After many trials I googled "How to take a picture of food" and came up with this article, its opening sentence read:-

"Taking pictures of food is one of the most difficult skills a photographer can master."

You don't say!!!  

So what i'm going to do is share a selection of photos I took, I won't include the Sunday'd never want to come here for dinner again!!.....these photos are simply of cupcakes.  

Please bear in mind I took photos from every angle, it was a drab day so there was very little natural ISO was high, 800 in some of these photos, this makes them very grainy looking!

Squashed cupcake cakes after my man-handling, lifting, carrying from room to room to try and get the best light (it was raining outside!) and all the repositioning didn't help. The idea was to get the first one in focus and the others out of focus.
 a close up, with the blue cupcake the main focus.

 Only a small element of the green cupcake case is in focus in this one.
and one I messed about editing, to see if I could make an improvement.

If I was taking part in LSNED *sigh* you can imagine my lesson for today! 

Please pop across to check out Karen's photo this week. I wonder how she managed this weeks subject!

In crafting news I have been working on some stuff ready for an all day crop I'm hosting in a few weeks, as soon as I can I'll share them with you. In the meantime a lovely lady who comes to my crops (and happens to live opposite me) started a blog a few months ago, yesterday she posted a fantastic heart frame made up of tons of butterflies. It's here if you would like to have a look.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. These are fantastic, make mine look worse than they already are lol and those cupcakes look delicious. Really like the first and third one's - well done you :):) xxx

  2. lol, they look yummy

    Jane x

  3. Hmmmm they look yummy Louise!! 1st and 3rd for me too but they all make them look good enough to eat lol

  4. Well I think you have done an amazing job! When I was researching books for Pass the Book I came across a whole section in Amazon of books about photographing food - but it's obvious you don't need them :)

  5. Great depth of field on that first one for sure. Poo bums to rainy days and crappy lighting!

  6. I think your photos are lovely! My favorite is the second one for some reason.... but they all make me hungry!!!! Thank you for your very kind comment on my blog today :D

  7. I think you've done a grand job, they look extremely appetising ;-)


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