Sunday, September 18, 2011

Photo of the Week

Before I share my photos from this weeks photograph challenge I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed yesterday's blog hop and wish to thank everyone of you who took the time to look at my post and leave a comment. I was overwhelmed with all your comments, each and every one brought a smile to my thank you very, very much!

Last weeks photo challenge was Documentary/Decay. Had me puzzled for a while to photograph something you wish to document which could be pretty much any subject, or to photograph something old, decrepit or run down.

I chose to document an item that I've been meaning to for a while. Many years ago, when we lived in London, we were burgled. For insurance purposes we had to try to produce photographs of certain items, a tricky job when you don't actually take photos of individual items. This was a good lesson to take on board for any future purchases...........hence todays photography subject......


My husband has a fetish for guitars, he can play in a fashion, and drives us all mad when he's learning a new I tell him!! His first guitar was an acoustic, followed closely by an electric (far far too loud for indoors - although he says I'm just getting old!!). Having three boys he wasn't happy with just two guitars so he purchased an electro acoustic guitar. Three guitars, three boys......perfect!!! Oh no no no.....he now needed one for himself!!! Bearing in mind you can only play one guitar at a time and they are far far too precious for the boys to play we now have four precious guitars hanging around the house!! 

I have chosen my favourite photo of each guitar to share with you this evening.

you can see me taking the photo in this one!
This photo looked so much nicer (I think) in black and white. 

I feel so much happier now knowing I have them documented, should they ever go astray!! 

Now pop across to Karen's who chose Decay as her photographic subject this week!

Have a lovely week and I'll be back soon with a layout.


  1. These photos are great, but I'm sorry that you had to go through something so horrid.

  2. Wow they look fabulous, love the angles you have taken thr, from too. Hopefully though you will never need to use the photos for an insurance claim....

  3. Louise these are absolutely fantastic, I love them, the crops, the angles, the dof,exposure, so spot on, well done you. xxx

  4. These are fab photos, especially love the 2nd one (blue guitar), the different shades of colour and the grain is captured beautifully! x

  5. These are great Louise, I think they are some of my fave photos you have taken and shared!

  6. Gorgeous photos Louise - these are really special ones.

    That was a wonderful hop, I agree. I loved seeing what everyone had made.

  7. Stunning photos - I want a turquoise guitar now!

  8. LOL - they are beautiful precious guitars, and fab photos - I bet he will treasure them too :)


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