Thursday, September 08, 2011

Well it feels like the summer holidays never happened *laugh*.
It's been all systems go, three of them back to school, me back to work and can you beleive it homework on his second day back for number 3 son!! 

This week I'm enjoying Shimelle's camera school posts. I love being behind a camera but find the technical side baffles me at times, (Karen is always on hand to give me some advise thankfully). So after reading Shimelle's post tonight I thought 1'd share some photos I took one day in the holidays when we were out. 

I need to explain that when I take a bunch of photos, there are always ones that are out of focus, ones that are too light, too dark, washed out....and so. From 100 photos there is only ever a handful that I like and maybe only one that I really like!! May this be because I have the wrong settings on the so guilty of this one....or because I'm trying to get a creative shot......This particular day I was in experimenting mood.

Out of focus, over exposed and no heads....good start.....this was the first photo of the bunch. Further adjustments were made. Camera settings checked and cool bag moved, repositioned and camera precariously balanced.

 Oddly I rather like this one........still no heads though!!
and then there's this one. This was after much faffing around and the amused looks on their faces from laughing at me running from the camera's timer so I could try to be in the photos. Eventually I was reminded that I have a remote control!!!! say no more!!!

My photo challenge this week is I need to get my thinking cap on.

Before I go I wonder if you have seen the giveaway over on Sarah's blog.


  1. lol you are not alone in taking 100 shots and only liking one or two I am just the same :). I really like the second shot and actually thought the missing heads was intentional!

    Food ..mmm..fuuny I only remember about this one when I've eaten it!! xx

  2. I've been experimenting with my little camera too!


  3. I like the first shot the best! With the heads totally cropped out it would be fab and I love the colours from the sunshine - it looks like a hipstamatic app, something 70s ish I think.

  4. Great photos Louise :) I like the second too, no heads but I don't think it matters. Shows an age and family connection, and I love that the sole pattern is the same on the black and brown soles :) Great family shot last, I love this angle :)
    Have seen these posts by shimelle, but haven't got around to reading them yet :)

  5. Love ur pics! I'll catch up with this camera school soon too!


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