Sunday, October 30, 2011

Photo of the Week

This week the weather here has been mostly dry and bright
This weeks photo on the subject of weather completes my 52 week challenge. 

Over a year ago Karen asked me if I'd be interested in joining her on a weekly photographic journey, apprehensively I agreed. A year on I am very glad that I took part. As I've said before Karen is a fantastic photographer and has encouraged me throughout, with help, advise and even taking the time to look at individual photos for me.

Interestingly enough I have decided to join in again - the challenge this time is one theme for a two week period. This should give us more time to decide on a subject. If you would like to know more then please pop across to Karen to check out all the details.

When I started this project the thing I wanted to do the most was ensure that I used my camera every week. After a little blog hopping this afternoon I noticed that Julie had posted her month in numbers. So to join in, I'm going to share with you the number of photos I've taken this month:-

867 of the boys playing I get awfully carried away but I didn't realise I took this many?
51 of the girls at the All Day Crop
54 Moustache photos.....messing around with the Keith Lemon download application
62 of Stanley and his buddy in the garden playing with the leaves
57  of my nephews at his birthday party
63 at my Dads 60th birthday meal...not many I know I was too busy enjoying the festivities
156 of a stroll along the river
107 pumpkin carving
91 Scrapbook/layout related photos

That is a grand total of 1508 (if my maths is right!) photographs in the month of October.....and the months not over yet, tomorrow is Halloween so I'm sure there will be more photo opportunities.

I think it is safe to say that this year I definitely used my camera every week.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Shimelle Starting Point

 After finishing the paper bag album I needed some quick inspiration. I had this layout from Shimelle's starting point in mind.

I find it hard to move back to a full 12x12 after working on a small project....does anyone else find that or is it just me?
This was just what I needed to get back into the swing of things.

I'll be back tomorrow with my photo of the week.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spread your wings...

Already we are in the middle of half term week. It has so far been a week of rest, so much so that I completely forgot Wednesday night is rugby training for number one son. At half past six this evening when we sat down to eat dinner, he asked me what day it was......and then reminded me he had training. Training that started at six o'clock!  Boys eh!

On a crafty note, I have been able to spend a little time here and there finishing off my paper bag book and here it is.
I used three bags and after a you tube search I found this video tutorial and decided to make the book so I didn't need to fasten it together by binding or with rings.
               It's a little book for H using photos and memories from 2011 his last year before he enters the dreaded teenage years. 

There is a lot of journaling (more than I'm used to) and little notes and quotes from me to him. Along with some wise motherly words.

Page one
   with some quotes on tags.
page two
all about his love of rugby
page three
The small page on the left holds two photos from the summer....

....messing around in the garden, they had stopped for a rest when number three son says to number one son.....

"you smell"

so in true boy style (and I really have no idea where they get it from!)
he lifts his arm....

sniffs his armpit......and blows.


The photo on the right was taken at the same time and from his expression I do wonder what he was thinking.

Between each page is the middle/opening of the paper bag and in these are cards with photos and journaling.

Trying to find the best angle to photograph the pockets.

So there it is.
A huge thank you to Sian for the bags and the inspiration.
I now have a little book to treasure.

Thank you for stopping by, enjoy the rest of your week.

PS. I mostly used papers from Lily Bee Memorandum 6x6 paper pad...perfect for this project.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Photo of the Week

This weeks subject is sport.....sorry to subject you to more rugby photos.

....some of you may know that I have three boys and they all play rugby. Today they were paying in two different places.....miles apart. I took No.3 son to his match while the other two were training at home. It was lovely to actually just focus on one of them instead of pacing between three games.

Stan played five tag games, I completely loss track of the score but I did get a few action shots.

I chose each of these photos for the facial expression! I'm pleased to see that his tongue wasn't hanging out the whole time!!!

Karen has been on top of the world this week, pop across to see why. She's also mentioned that next weeks subject is our last. 52 weeks complete, give or take one or two.

It has been quite a journey.... over the year I've taken some awful photos and some not so awful photos.....I remember the first few weeks when I felt so out of my depth, now I think it will feel very strange not to pick up my camera each week with a subject in I've therefore made the decision to join Karen for the next 52 weeks! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Last week the lovely Sian blogged about her paper bag album. 

She had a plan! She kindly offered to give away some of her paper bags, her only requirement was that you had to make a book with the bags she sent you.

After making sure there was no deadline (me and pressure don't go well together!).....I took up Sian's challenge. 

The book isn't finished........but it's made and has a front cover.

I just need to get some photos printed to finish it off. 

Here's a little peek.

My book has pockets and a small page and it's been made so that it doesn't need binding or rings to hold it together. 

I'll be back to show you more soon.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Photo of the week

This weeks challenge was flash photography. I always associate flash photography with inside photos so this week I'd been thinking about an indoor subject.

Yesterday the boys were at my nephews 10th birthday party and although it was outside, it was quite dark in the woods, too dark to get a decent photo. So I had to use the flash.
My eldest nephew and my three.

I thought that they very much resembled dalek's!!
Karen is off-line at the moment and will be posting her photo as soon as she's connected to the internet again.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Captured in a card #4

England VS Argentina
Rugby World Cup 2011

Jonny Wilkinson is lined up ready to take a penalty.
Jack is sitting on the edge of his seat and shouts...

"COME ON......JONNY....

one card. one memory. one conversation. captured.

thanks to Sian for the Captured in a Card Idea
......and you know he sounded so gorgeously cute that I didn't have the heart to correct him!

Have a lovely weekend and I hope to be back soon to show you a sneak peak of my paper bag book.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Photo of the week

 This weeks subject was Abandoned. Unfortunately I never managed to complete the challenge, instead as we're in the middle of  the rugby world cup I thought I'd share a few photos of the boys at training last week.
 No 1 son
No 2 son - and he got his try! 
Not the greatest photo...the I like how you can see the movement in this one.......
and No 3 son.
This is one of my fave photos from No 1 son's training game. Tom just about to lay down his try!!

Friday, October 07, 2011

Is the sun in your eyes?

Ruby is well and truly Stan's dog, he's the one who lays on the floor makes a fuss of her, plays hide the ball with her, likes to brush her and spends ages getting them sticky balls out off the fur on her ears when she's been running around in the fields.

This particular day Stan came in from school and laid in the garden with her......(the photos are not too good as they were taken from indoors - so as not to disturb them) he was chatting away and sheilding her eyes from the sun.
I used mainly scraps and thought I'd have another go with the mists. Can you tell I only have one mist and its blue! (not strictly true, I do have another, diamond, but it doesn't show up in photos) I absolutely love the effect of mists but am so relutant to buy any more...because I make such a mess and I never squirt with an even look. I mean you can guess how many quirts I done on this layout? lol!
What ever you are up too this weekend, I hope it's a good one!

Monday, October 03, 2011

All day crop

  I spent Saturday with these lovely ladies.
you'd never know these are all scrapbookers - not one of them posed for a photograph for me lol!
 and these lovely young ladies.

Recently I was very much inspired by Julie Kirk's postal series and was also very fortunate to win her postal themed giveaway.
Before the crop I prepared these money envelopes using the postal stamp punches.

There were two challenges were the punches and stamps were used over and over...

....the first one was to create six 4x6 postcards, here are my ones......the front....
 and the back.
(postcards by Jackie, Ruth, Charlene and Tracy)

  Some joined in and this is what they came up with. Ruth's postcards were fantastic, she has recently purchased an DSLR camera and her very autumnal photos were fabulous. Jackie went with a Christmas theme and has decided to use these for her Christmas Journal this year, when she will add a 4 x6 photo on the reverse. Tracy and Charlene created postcards to show a holiday and a day out!

Well done to Tracy who won the challenge and received a page kit.

The second challenge was to create a 12x12 page to sit with the postcards. Here is my one....

 and here is what the ladies created...
Gitte, Sally, Tracy and Charlene......
Sam, Jackie and Ruth.

Congratulations to Sally who received a page kit for winning this challenge.....

......and a HUGE thank you to everyone who came along for the day.
I'm looking forward to the next one.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Photo of the Week

My photo for this weeks challenge.....

The subject is vehicles. So my photo may not strictly be classed as a vehicle, but I consider them a mode of transport........(wouldn't you say?)....especially when I sometimes scoot back from school on one!!

Does anyone else have children that have been hit with the MGP craze?

I'm looking forward to seeing what Karen comes up with this week and to see if anyone else has joined in.

Now I'm off to enjoy a little of this mad October sunshine, before I have to think about feeding the brood!! Enjoy your week!
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