Sunday, October 09, 2011

Photo of the week

 This weeks subject was Abandoned. Unfortunately I never managed to complete the challenge, instead as we're in the middle of  the rugby world cup I thought I'd share a few photos of the boys at training last week.
 No 1 son
No 2 son - and he got his try! 
Not the greatest photo...the I like how you can see the movement in this one.......
and No 3 son.
This is one of my fave photos from No 1 son's training game. Tom just about to lay down his try!!


  1. I must admit love in our home has come to a bit of a stop for the rugby world cup

  2. Great action shots Louise - (funny as sport is on the list in a fortnight) :)xx

  3. Some world class players in the making?!

  4. Love all the action in the photos great shots, shame about Englands performance this weekend, but could this be the future :)

  5. These are brilliant! I like the scone one which you said isn't great - if you crop the ref out you'd get a fab area to write on / put letter stickers on ;-) I'm looking forward to mine starting rugby although we are still very sore about England's dismal performance!


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