Sunday, October 23, 2011

Photo of the Week

This weeks subject is sport.....sorry to subject you to more rugby photos.

....some of you may know that I have three boys and they all play rugby. Today they were paying in two different places.....miles apart. I took No.3 son to his match while the other two were training at home. It was lovely to actually just focus on one of them instead of pacing between three games.

Stan played five tag games, I completely loss track of the score but I did get a few action shots.

I chose each of these photos for the facial expression! I'm pleased to see that his tongue wasn't hanging out the whole time!!!

Karen has been on top of the world this week, pop across to see why. She's also mentioned that next weeks subject is our last. 52 weeks complete, give or take one or two.

It has been quite a journey.... over the year I've taken some awful photos and some not so awful photos.....I remember the first few weeks when I felt so out of my depth, now I think it will feel very strange not to pick up my camera each week with a subject in I've therefore made the decision to join Karen for the next 52 weeks! 


  1. Rugby is my favourite sport to watch :) Fantastic action photos, they are so clear! My kids sport photos are always dreadful and blury! Love the facial expressions :)

  2. I thought about you tonight as I watched a bit of the World Cup finals (too bad France lost ;)
    Your action shots look great and I am very interested in this yearly project so I am going to check out the source :)

  3. These are great Louise. Have to agree with your comments re the last 52 wks and looking forward to the next 52 :)Thanks for joining in with me. xx

  4. You are one seriously dedicated rugby Mum Louise! There are some wonderful expressions on faces here - that must be a sign of a good photo!

  5. Thank goodness you didn't have to try and be in two places at once. You got some great action shots.

  6. Those facial expressions are fantastic and you captured them perfectly!

  7. Wonderfully captured postures and energy!

  8. Beautiful photos - great expressions to (I know about the 'tongue of concentration' - my boys suffer with it as well (see it even has a name in our house), so well chosen moments to avoid this :))


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