Sunday, October 30, 2011

Photo of the Week

This week the weather here has been mostly dry and bright
This weeks photo on the subject of weather completes my 52 week challenge. 

Over a year ago Karen asked me if I'd be interested in joining her on a weekly photographic journey, apprehensively I agreed. A year on I am very glad that I took part. As I've said before Karen is a fantastic photographer and has encouraged me throughout, with help, advise and even taking the time to look at individual photos for me.

Interestingly enough I have decided to join in again - the challenge this time is one theme for a two week period. This should give us more time to decide on a subject. If you would like to know more then please pop across to Karen to check out all the details.

When I started this project the thing I wanted to do the most was ensure that I used my camera every week. After a little blog hopping this afternoon I noticed that Julie had posted her month in numbers. So to join in, I'm going to share with you the number of photos I've taken this month:-

867 of the boys playing I get awfully carried away but I didn't realise I took this many?
51 of the girls at the All Day Crop
54 Moustache photos.....messing around with the Keith Lemon download application
62 of Stanley and his buddy in the garden playing with the leaves
57  of my nephews at his birthday party
63 at my Dads 60th birthday meal...not many I know I was too busy enjoying the festivities
156 of a stroll along the river
107 pumpkin carving
91 Scrapbook/layout related photos

That is a grand total of 1508 (if my maths is right!) photographs in the month of October.....and the months not over yet, tomorrow is Halloween so I'm sure there will be more photo opportunities.

I think it is safe to say that this year I definitely used my camera every week.


  1. That is a heck of a lot of photos Louise, then thought about counting up how many I take in a month.... shall have to go and have a look. Lovely autumn photo by the way, like the changing colour in the leaves. Here's to the next challenge :) xx

  2. What a brilliant twist on my theme! Love it! And I love that you think 63 photos of a party isn't a lot! I took about 4 at a party on Friday!

    You must be made of sterner scrapbooking stuff than me!

    Thanks for joining in this month, I'll add you to my post.

    Julie :-)

  3. Wow I am so impressed with all those photos! Maybe if I took loads and loads I would get a few decent ones! Loving your autumnal pic today xxx

  4. I love that idea - when I do a lot of photography I would have similar numbers but recently it has been no where near. My daughter makes up for it though. Thanks for visiting. I'm now off to look at Karen's blog :0)

  5. Wow that is a lot of photos!! I used to be like that but have been a bit of a slacker the last few months! Seeing all your lovely photos does make me itch to get out my camera more though, I must get back into the habit :)

  6. That's a grand total! What will you do with them all?

  7. Louise, I salute you! And I would love to get into that habit; I'm in danger of running out of scrappable photos here. How about a post on looking for photo opportunities?!

  8. Only the other day I was speaking to DH saying how beautiful all the leaves are looking and we ought to get some shots before they fall off the trees - yours is fantastic and well done on all those photos.

  9. Louise I think I should take a leaf out of your book and take more photos. Keith Lemon download application I'm intrigued :)

  10. You won't be short of photos to scrap - I sometimes forget to take my camera with me completely! Loving the autumn leaves, I might have to take my own version of that one...

  11. Fabulous way to round up the month of October!!! It gives some kind of perspective on the important stuff :)

  12. Oh, I came back to let you know that I joined in on the Photo challenge :D Thanks to you! :)


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