Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spread your wings...

Already we are in the middle of half term week. It has so far been a week of rest, so much so that I completely forgot Wednesday night is rugby training for number one son. At half past six this evening when we sat down to eat dinner, he asked me what day it was......and then reminded me he had training. Training that started at six o'clock!  Boys eh!

On a crafty note, I have been able to spend a little time here and there finishing off my paper bag book and here it is.
I used three bags and after a you tube search I found this video tutorial and decided to make the book so I didn't need to fasten it together by binding or with rings.
               It's a little book for H using photos and memories from 2011 his last year before he enters the dreaded teenage years. 

There is a lot of journaling (more than I'm used to) and little notes and quotes from me to him. Along with some wise motherly words.

Page one
   with some quotes on tags.
page two
all about his love of rugby
page three
The small page on the left holds two photos from the summer....

....messing around in the garden, they had stopped for a rest when number three son says to number one son.....

"you smell"

so in true boy style (and I really have no idea where they get it from!)
he lifts his arm....

sniffs his armpit......and blows.


The photo on the right was taken at the same time and from his expression I do wonder what he was thinking.

Between each page is the middle/opening of the paper bag and in these are cards with photos and journaling.

Trying to find the best angle to photograph the pockets.

So there it is.
A huge thank you to Sian for the bags and the inspiration.
I now have a little book to treasure.

Thank you for stopping by, enjoy the rest of your week.

PS. I mostly used papers from Lily Bee Memorandum 6x6 paper pad...perfect for this project.


  1. This is awesome Louise!!!! I love your intent and your design! It is such a touching keepsake to be treasured for years I'm sure! The "smelly teenager" just had me laughing out loud! Trust me, I can relate!!!! :D

  2. Check out DT Call at

    Helen x

  3. This is awesome and beautiful.
    I love the design and all the details.
    Well done.
    Have a nice day.

  4. Aww you made me cry reading this it is so lovely. I'm sure Harry will treasure it for years. x

  5. What a wonderful gift, and beautifully made. I am sure he will love this forever. The fact that not all of it is visible at once makes it extra special.

  6. Wow, this is fantastic. I love it. Great memories even if some of them are gross:)

  7. It's wonderful! I have some of those papers sitting on my desk at the minute, funnily enough, and I was thinking the same thing - all those ledger patterns just waiting to be filled :) I'm so glad you enjoyed doing this - it's a beautiful book

  8. This is a gorgeous little mini book - I am sure he will love it. I love the use of print and the cover is fab. Some sweet journalling too!

  9. Wow Louise this is just totally gorgeous and such a lovely idea!! :) Your smelly page had me giggling, boys hey! Sometimes it is so gross being the only girl in our house lol :)

  10. This is absolutely lovely!!! I'm sure he will treasure it and love looking back on this part of his life!! Love all the notes and tags! x

  11. And what a treasure it is :) And such a lovely combination of colours and papers.

  12. What a great job you have made of this...I have mine stuck together, now to sort out the papers!
    Alison xx

  13. Louise this is absolutely gorgeous!!! I LOVE this project and will have to try it one day... I'm going to joliprint your post so I don't forget it :)

  14. This is gorgeous Louise! I love what you have done and that photo of the armpit sniff is great, made me smile. I am sure he will treasure this especially in the future.

  15. Louise, this is a lovely paperbag book!

  16. This is wonderful! I hope he keeps it and looks back on it. I've got some of those bags too and I have to have a think about the best way to use them. I've just bought some of those papers too so that I always have a small piece for a good journalling block.


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