Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Backyard

Today is the first day of a brand new photo challenge. Hosted by Karen, we are given a theme and over two weeks we take a minimum of fourteen photos and then post our first, last and best or favourite photo. 

This made me smile because my first photo is usually my worst. When I pick up my camera I pretty much take a photo straight away...........without checking my camera settings. A quick look at my viewfinder then tells me that there is something wrong. 

True to form this is what happened when I started to take photos is my backyard, this weeks theme. Although I took more than one before I realised on this warm, autumn afternoon my ISO was set at 400.

My first and worst photo.....
f5.6   1/200   ISO 400
 I was trying to focus on the flower and the old brown stems kept springing back and getting in my way.

My favourite/best photo......
f4.5    1/13     ISO100

 and my last photo.........

f8    1/13     ISO 100
 There's not much going on in my garden at this time of year, lots of shrubs and ferns and the odd pink flower, so I started to look for other things and saw this little lot piled up waiting to be placed back in the garage ready for next year.


  1. Oh yes, the fern is definatly your best. But then again I love close ups and textures. I week down...

  2. This made me smile too because my first shot the ISO was 800 - I think from the fireworks the other night :0)
    I agree with you the brown stems do distract - you'll have to carry a pair of scissors too and do a bit of pruning but I do like the contrast of the bright pink against the brown or the signs of life against the decay. I think also I would have positioned the flower so that it was in one of the thirds of the frame too.
    I love your fern, I like that you can see the brown underneath as well and that the lines are leading you through the photo.
    I like how you have made the third black and white so that it focusses on the shapes. Makes me wonder what colours they were as well.
    Great shots.

  3. I really like that fern too :)

  4. Love the shot of the fern! The angle, the texture and the depth of field are all very pleasing. I am also wondering about the colors on the last one and why you changed it to B&W?

  5. Here we go year two!! :)

    I don't dislike your first photo, I like the splash of colour in there, agree with Jo. Maybe a change of position. It is an interesting photo and altough busy there is a lot to look at.

    Second photo, lovely dof, and a nice exposure. I might have cropped the top bit off to bring the focus in more on the leaves. Like the way you can just see the underneath going brown.

    Third photo, like this one as it tells a story - the pots stacked up with the canes inside them. I would possibly crop the right hand side to take out the horizontal slats and the one vertical so that you are left with just the wood on the end - if that makes sense. I like the b&w conversion shows the textures up.

    My favourite would have to be the last one. Thanks for taking part. x

  6. (visiting via 26 week photo challenge)

    I really like all your photos, I think you've captured the theme really well.

    Photo no. 1 - in addition to removing the brown stems I think I would have positioned the flower on one of the thirds and also cropped to make the flower more dominant in the picture. I love the colours in this one.

    Photo no. 2 - what can I say - I love it and wish I'd taken it.

    Photo no. 3 - a well observed subject. I like the composition and the different textures in the photo and it's a good candidate for a B/W shot. For me, the lighting seems a bit 'flat' but that is really down to my personal preferences as I like strong contrast on B/W pics.

    Well done. I think you can guess that my favourite one is the fern!

  7. Hello Louise,
    I am still like you, I often forget to check my settings before taking my first shot!
    The first shot is quite busy, someone else suggested cutting back stems, I often do that if they are in the way, or just break and fold them. But the flower itself is nicely in focus, although I personally would have got a lot closer to it.
    The second shot is lovely, great DOF.
    I like the third shot - I forget that sometimes shots look better in black and white - it certainly helps to show up the different textures and surfaces in this shot.
    Perhaps we can all try to remember to check our settings before snapping!!

  8. Gorgeous shot of the fern! Love the pots too :)
    In answer to your question on one of my posts about how many pages can I fit in an album.....not many lol. I am actually putting more on the wall now in those box frames.

  9. Love the B&W one, very atmospheric.

  10. What a great start
    Pic 1 I love the contrast between the dead seed heads and the vibrant pink flower and my 1st pic had a stalk in the way so like you I need to carry a pair of scissors

    Pic 2 this is my favorite and other than the bottom corner could have been sharper I can think of nothing else as a brill picture

    Pic 3
    I love this as it shows the finish of gardening for the summer,with all the hope for spring. I Love B@W Like Karen said I may have cropped it a little but a great picture
    Love and Hugs


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