Sunday, November 27, 2011

Photographing Light

This week Karen set us the challenge to photograph the light. The aim was not to photograph 'lights' but what the light does, ie creates shadows, contrast, reflections, the rays themselves.

Unfortunately I haven't been lucky enough to see much sun this past two weeks, its dark when I leave the house in the mornings and dark when I arrive home. On the days i've not worked it's been mainly dull and dreary.  At the last knockings this is what I came up with.

It's all about Jack.
ISO 100 f5 1/160 focal length 44m
 My first photo shows Jack's shadowed profile.

Karen did ask us to have a go at using Aperture Priority mode. Sorry Karen I completely forgot and shot in manual. 
ISO100 f5 1/60 focal length 39mm
My second photo shows the sun shinning through the bird watching gap, lighting up the side of Jack.
ISO100 f5.6 1/160 focal length  55mm
My last and favourite photo. I love how the sun is shinning across his face, illuminating it.

It's now time for a cuppa and a blog hop to see what the others have done for this challenge.


  1. Fab photos of Jack!! especially love the first one with the shadow profile!! xx

  2. These are lovely Louise (another handsome son- boy you and Colin are going to have trouble soon!!)

    First photo, very creative, nice dof, nice exposure and a great crop.

    Second photo, very well spotted, nice exposure, considering you are exposing for black and white in what I guess would be a semi dark place. I would crop some of the black off the top to just above the boys heads. Like the way you have just caught Jack's eyes looking down, giving the image a sense of activity.

    Third photo, once again a lovely one, nice exposure, dof, and great crop.

    My favourite has to be the first, wonder what he was thinking (hopefully not "oh no mum's got the camera out again!!" ) lol xxx

    Thanks for taking part.

  3. Gorgeous photos Louise! I love the last one, such a cute little face :)

  4. Hi Louise, these are beautiful photos.

    Photo 1 - good exposure and I like the way you've kept some of the detail in the bark. I would have probably kept more of the hair, but that is just my personal preference. I do like the overall composition.

    Photo 2 - Well done for keeping the detail inside the hide, the exposure can't have been easy on this one and you've done a great job. I agree with Karen and I probably would have framed/cropped to lose some of the black at the top of the frame but again I love the composition.

    Photo 3 - this is my favourite. Great depth of field and I like the way the shadows in the background add to, rather that detract from, the main subject. Again, I would have preferred to lose part of the jacket and keep the top of the head but as I said before, that's my personal preference. Good exposure again.

  5. Hiya Louise,
    I love the photos, what a cutie you have there.
    I've just been having a nose to see what posts I've missed, your cards are lovely [I struggle with cards - give me a 12x12 LO anyday ;)] and your christmas tree will make such a lovely decoration.
    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday - Ju x

  6. Hi my dear Luoise those photos are fantastic I love all but the second one for me is so special I love !!!great job.
    Thanks for all your visit and lovely words !!
    I wish a wonderful week.
    Kisses and huges

  7. Really enjoyed checking out your interpretations to this challenge! Your first photo is my favourite. It totally made me think of Peter Pan!

  8. Hi Louise

    They are lovely pics My favourite is the first. Like Karen I wonder what he is thinking and cropped perfectly

    The second just makes me wonder what they can see as the look totally wrapped up in what they are doing. Good pic taken inside

    Third one like louise I would have liked to see the rest of his head but great pic.

    Lovely to see these on a LO

    Love and Hugs

  9. After reading the other comments, I scrolled back up for another look! Isn't it funny how different viewers go for different things? I think the last one has to be my favourite too

  10. Oh these photos are wonderful, I'd be hard pushed to pick a fav.

    Thank you very much for the kind comment on my own blog recently, and I'm hoping to now get back into blog reading again. I've been lucky that the DT team have kept the shop blog going, but also thank you for your comments on that too x

  11. Lovely pics Louise..think the first one is my fave!
    Alison xx

  12. I love those pics Louise, I love the first one, even though there all ace! I really need to take a leaf out of your book and learn to use my camera x

  13. gorgeous photos Louise, I love that shadow on the first one

  14. These are beautiful photos Louise! Looks like you are learning lots!


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