Thursday, November 10, 2011

Scrapbookers make the best photographers

I’ve always loved taking photos and maybe my love comes from my nan, who always and I mean always had her camera with her and took photos all the time. She would stop a party or gathering to take a photo and spend ages organising everyone.……very similar to me nowadays!! 

Unlike my nan who more often than not had no film in her camera or flat batteries ((bless))……my camera is digital. Oh for the love of technology, digital really does allow you to take as many photos as you wish. Like last month when I ended up with 1528 photos. 

Now after my last photo post I think I should clarify that athough I did take tons of photos last month, many are not good at all, some in fact are pants……..especially when I forget to check my camera settings!!  The great thing about digital is that it allows me to make mistakes..... many many times over.
This post today is to say thank you to everyone who has commented, throughout the photo challenges, each comment really does make me smile, and to:-
  • ·         Alexa who asked me what I do with them all……....So a little insight..... After uploading them I go through them and pick out my favourites, I save these into a separate “to print” folder ....most of these will  be scrapped. Lots of the rugby photos are copied to a disk and given to the rugby club to upload to their website. So not all of the 867 photos I took last month are of my three!! Eventually when I understand digi (if ever, and PSE) I’d like to complete a photo book for each for them.
  • ·        Sian who suggested a post on photo opportunities……you had me thinking. I looked back through all the photos I’ve taken this year and found that my biggest source of inspiration came from the photo a week challenge. Setting a theme makes you look outside of your normal photographic subjects (for me the boys!). Some of my most favourite photos from this year came about because of the challenges. Especially the ones using techniques (is that the right word?) that i'd never tried before:-
Like High Key

So to everyone who wishes to have more photographic opportunities or to take more photos why not challenge yourself  to take ten photos this month, (to post on the 10th December as part of Shimelle's 10 things on the 10....


Lists of photo challenges can be found, I've pinned some here, have a look through them and find ten things that you think you’d like to try this month….and rememeber  “scrapbookers make the best photographers”….it says so here.

There might be something here that inspires you also.

As Christmas is on its way, here is a list of possible photo opportunities
Good subjects if you are doing a christmas journal too.

If you’d like to take on a longer project (with no pressure) then maybe I’ve persuaded you to join Karen in her new 26 wk challenge. I’m sure that after 26 weeks you will certainly have more photos to scrap.

.....and finally, if you need more supplies to scrap these photos, pop across to SJ Crafts to see the launch of her November Kit. 
If you've made it this far, this is a really long post for me, have a lovely weekend and I'll be back on Sunday with my first photo for the 26 week challenge.


  1. a great idea, will be doing the 10 photos this month

  2. Here's to another year of photos:)

  3. You have a good weekend too and looking forward to seeing more of your lovely photos.

  4. I always think i take a lot of photos but nowhere near as many as you!! I really should try out more techniques and different angles but i must admit I'm an auto setting girl! x

  5. Thanks for this :) I certainly will be considering some challenges and I have signed up for a Christmas photography class too). You are an inspiration!

  6. Ooo tempted to have a go at the photos...tho DH still reckons he takes the best photos (he does take nice ones....but I'm getting better :))

  7. Great post! I have been super busy lately but I really want to check out the challenges you suggest and I need to really started on Karen's challenge! Maybe tomorrow!


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