Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas challenge

For the past two weeks Karen's photographic challenge was Christmas and in particular Bokeh.

Here are my offerings, my focus was our Christmas tree.
A tripod was used for each of these photos.
Manual  - Focal Length 20mm   f8  2s  ISO200
Manual - Focal Length 32mm    f4.5    1.3s    ISO200
This was my best effort with bokeh. It is a little dark.
Manual - Focal Length 18mm  f3.5  2s  ISO200
   this one is my very creative shot. I turned the lens while shooting and focused on the school-made Christmas ornament that craftily got placed on the tree. I'm not sentimental when it comes to tree decorations, however when this face was found in the decoration box and placed on the tree I didn't have the heart to remove it....

.......and it so happens that this next photo is my favourite.
Manual - Focal Length 55.4mm  f4.5  1/5    ISO400
Christmas here has been fantastic,we have exchanged presents, seen most of the family.....still some more days with family planned.......eaten lots and drunk even more. This morning i've slopped away to post these photos in case I don't get another chance.

I'm looking forward now to entering 2012 so all that's left for me to say is Happy New Year to you all xx


  1. Beautiful christmas photos,love the first one:)
    Wish you a wonderful day.:):)

  2. Here's to a fabulous 2012 .... And to seeing more of your great photos :)

  3. I love your Santa photo the most. Great photos as usual:) have a bright new year in 2012.

  4. Louise love the blue cast on these and that home made christmas decoration is the best ;D, think the second has to be my fav. xx

  5. What great photos - they are way beyond anything I could achieve. Love the blue tint to them.

  6. I love love love your photos! i especially love the Santa :)

  7. ..and a very happy and creative 2012 to you too Louise! Your photos are brilliant - I tried but pretty much failed to get a similar effect!

  8. Hi Louise
    Love the blue hue of the first one but my favorite is the third one just love the angle it has been taken from

    Thank you for the comments on mine and I am now going to use that ornament to attempt to make next years xmas cards
    Have a great new year
    Love and Hugs

  9. great pics Louise...and I still have playgroup and school-made ornaments on my trees too!
    Alison xx

  10. Hi sweet !!!This is such a wonderful tree look so fantastic !!
    Thank you so much for be such a great and dear friend and for all the lovely comments you have written in my blog in 2011!!!
    I wish a wonderful 2012!!.
    Big huges and kisses with much love.

  11. Hello, I didn't have the time to enter this particular challenge, but I love your pictures, well done, and Happy New Year.

  12. Great photos Louise, I love the blue lighting! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, and Happy New Year to you and the family xx

  13. I love your photos, Louise. It was hard to decide between the first and second one but I've settled on the second one as my favourite. The blue cast on all the photos works well and you've definitely managed to capture the spirit of Christmas.

    Happy New Year to you and your family.

  14. Lovely Louise, love the zoom one, a great idea :)
    Happy New Year, thanks for all of your lovely comments over this past year :)

  15. Lou, I love these photo's!! I did look at them a few days ago, but have only just got around to commenting!


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