Sunday, December 11, 2011

Self Portrait

It doesn't seem that long ago that I had to take a dreaded self portrait photo for my weekly photo challenge. 

Still I find taking a photo of myself cheesey.......whilst trying to concentrate on taking a photo, balancing the camera and not showing 10 chins.....they are not the most flattering photos!

But hey ho a challenge is a challenge so it had to be done. I'd just walked in the door from the school Christmas concert and grabbed the camera quick before I could change my mind!

For ages I've liked the self portrait's taken in a mirror so this is what I tried.

All photos are taken in Manual and I had to up the ISO, which has given the photos more of a grainier look than I would have liked. No flash was used.
Focal Length 79.6mm   f5.6   1/10   ISO1600
 Photo 1. from this challenge i've noticed that all mirrors in my house seem to face a door. In case you wonder why I still got my coat and gloves on.....i was freezing!! This mirror gave the best light advantage.
Focal Length 18mm  f3.5  1/25  ISO1600
Photo 2. A photo holding the camera rather than looking through it - this is not as easy as it looks.... I found!
Focal Length 44.1mm  f4  1/25 ISO1600
Then later on in the evening we were getting ready for a Christmas night out with friends when I thought I'd give it another go. You can see the difference in the colour of the photo - daylight vs artificial light!

If you would like to see more - pop across to Karens to find out who joined in!

It's not often I find myself sitting at my laptop on a Sunday Morning.....we had to cancel Rugby this morning as I couldn't get my handbrake off my car....apparently the handbrake cable has once I've posted we will have a crafty morning here instead. I'll let you know how we get on.


  1. thanks for your comment on my blog, yep, this is a hard one, and I'm pleased its over. I looked back to your old blog post and saw that you want to get to grips with photoshop, have a look here
    this might help

  2. Thank you Joy that's really kind of you.

    I have photoshop elements 7 and find for me time is the biggest issue. I can spend a whole evening looking at photoshop only to forget what I've done when i go back to use it again. Having a handy reference book might be the answer. Thank you.

  3. Hi Louise. Love your photos. I like the directional light and the shadows it has created. I find the background slightly distracting and I'd probably have experimented with moving my position slightly to photograph at an angle to the mirror to lose some of the background. You've managed good focus and exposure on all of them. My favourite one is the second one - I just love the light on your face.

  4. Well done you, these are great. Like all three, the first one, I like the mirror circle at the bottom giving a base to the photo and holding you in there. I would of taken abit off the top, nice exposure, you have retained some of the detail in your black jacket.
    The second - love the circle of the mirror again. Find the little bit of black in the left hand corner abit distracting so would probably clone it out (or try to!) Like the way the lampshade balances the image with you in the middle.
    Thrid image. Like the lighting and the angle you are stood at, not straight on in this one. Would just take the bottom bit off up to the mirror. Once again, nice exposure.

    Hope you found playing with the ISO a good lesson. Thanks for taking part. xx

  5. Great shots Louise, and good for you learning more about your camera. Are you going to be taking any classes?

  6. It's the same in our house - I have a few self portraits which look very similar - a flash of round silver mirror and a white door behind! I like them all

  7. The first one made me smile- made me think of you as a spy out taking secret photos.Think it must have been a long day at work :0)
    The second one is good too and it is much harder than it looks to lower or move the camera
    well done.
    mine will be up later

  8. Great job the bling for the night out!
    Alison xx

  9. Taking a self portrait is a great idea if you are usually the one behind the camera! They look great to me, I can never get decent indoor shots at this time of the year when it seems to be dark most of the time!

  10. Pants to missing rugby buy what a corking photo of you in that sparkly top! The one in the coat and gloves looks like you are a spy!

  11. Sorry its late as I have been away. Thanks for your lovely comments. Your photos are great and think most things have been said already. I love the first one, the second one is well caught, but you should be smiling LOL.
    Love the use of the round mirror
    Love and Hugs

  12. Great your mirror and lampshade :) I hate photos of me anyway...will have to give it a go.

  13. Great self-portrait Louise! You totally dropped the ball on Karen's challenge for now... Hopefully I can start again in January!


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