Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Lists galore

We are now in December and I have done nothing but write lists. 
  • a to do list, 
  • a left to buy list, 
  • a what I've brought list, and
  • a what's happening this week list
Usually I write lists because I keep forgetting to do/buy something, then there are occasions when I have that overwhelming....lots to do......feeling.... and I excessively write lists and rewrite them.

Between my list writing I have managed to hop around and see all the gorgeous Christmas journal entries - I've been taking photos and making notes but really need to start my book *big sigh*

Needless to say the only crafting going on here is the doodling on my lists!!

I wanted to share something so here are two cards, crafty but not at all Christmassy, that I've recently made using leftovers from  Sarah's Kit.
 My friend's son passed his driving test

 and my nephew is 15 next week - I must get this in the post!
Have a lovely week and if you are crafting....enjoy.


  1. Your card is so beautiful,love the colours and the car is so cute.:)

  2. These are really lovely Louise! Hope you manage to tick everything off your lists soon :)

  3. Being another list girl, I really understand the list love lol.

    Gorgeous cards, I'm really loving your style.

  4. I am starting to feel a bit overwhelmed with things to do myself (always happen at this time of year) but I did enjoy checking out your cards especially since I am currently playing with the same papers... ;)

  5. "Louise the List-a-holic!"

    TTO is 17 soon - we started looking at how much the insurance was going to be. Then we broke down and wept ..

  6. I need to do some lists too...though slightly scared of what I might have forgotten (:)) beautiful cards - love those papers.

  7. I'm surrounded by lists at the moment! Love the cards, I keep putting off making my husband one.

  8. I usually write lists for shopping and then leave it at home. Nice non christmassy cards.

  9. Great cards, they're lovely!

    And lists are awesome. Not sure how I'd cope without them :D

  10. That car is so perfect for a driving test card! I see you have now made a list of lists - I like that in a girl ;-)

  11. I like a good list myself, especially at this time of the year! Great cards, love the old fashioned car on the first one.


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