Thursday, December 22, 2011

Winter Warmers

 Last week I had the girls for lunch and we got talking about Christmas pressies. I happened to mention the mug warmers that I see appearing everywhere and joked that I should have made them all one for Christmas..........they all laughed...... they think I'm mad......with all my messing around with paper and such! So I showed them a photo of the mug warmers in the Mollie Makes Magazine. 

Now they all awwwwwed!!  

I can crochet but I haven't crocheted anything since I made this bag which I finished in February.  That night I looked through my wool collection - the collection you can see in the bag in the photo.....not a massive decision to or Green? The pink looked a little gaudy so I opted for Green. I had a look at the mollie makes pattern and then didn't follow it at all.......maybe that's the reason a lot of my things don't quite turn out right :)  After measuring my mug, with a Christmas film on the telly, I got to work.
  The first two, the one on the left I used a treble stitch and the one on the right a double crochet.

  A little plain...... I thought it might be nice to add some dimension..........oh and the gaudy pink!!
 So bobble stitch all the way around and a little cream trim.

Bobble stitch took more time than the plainer ones so the next one had bobbles....... top, middle or and bottom (wasn't that a game show - what was it called? anyone remember? oh that will be nagging at me all evening now!)....... with cream stripes.
 Even less bobbles on the next one, a strip around the middle!

 A photo of the button to fasten them around your mug
The next evening I was looking at them all together and decided that I really liked the all over bobble so I made another in Green.

At the next lunch I'll present them all with there winter mug warmer! lol!!  and there may be one or two extra pressies for family members too........any excuse to make some more!

For all you crocheters I measured a chain of 35 around my mug.
Row 1. Make 35 chain, ss together. 
Row 2. dc all the way around the cirlce.
Row 3. turn work around and work back around the circle in desired stitch - do not join at end, leave 2 stitches and turn.
Row 4. work to desired height following row 3.

To make button fastener, when get to desired height, do not fasten off - 15 chain (length of chain will depend on how big your button is)  ss to top edge, turn and dc back along chain....fasten off.

Thank you
This may well be my last post before Christmas - so if it is I'd like to thank you all now for stopping by over the year and to the kind words you leave me....I enjoy them all.

Wishing you all a fantastic Christmas xxx


  1. Hi Louise,

    top, middle or bottom was what Michael Barrymore used to say in 'Strike it Lucky'.

    Love the mug warmers, prefer the pink to the green as I like bright colours.

    Eileen x

  2. Wow, Louise they are beautiful you're very clever I like the bubble stitch. Thank you for your Christmas wishes and the very same to you. *See* you in 2012 :)

  3. They are totally lush! Love em all! Have a gr8 Christmas x

  4. I love these Louise, had put my wool away for Christmas but will be getting it out again now!!

  5. These are fantastic . I knitted one but never got round to sewing the button and fastener on, maybe I should. I think pink and green bubble together would look great too:) well, have a fab Christmas and a restful new year.

  6. OMGoodness those are so freaking cute! My favourites are the first one and the top, middle and bottom one! :)

  7. Wow!! These are simply gorgeous!! love the "all over bubbles" ones best! your friends will adore receiving them! Wishing you a fabulous Christmas too!! xx

  8. Wow, these are so cute and so practical! Hhhmm.. maybe I need to learn to crochet after all. And well done to Eileen - yes it was Strike It Lucky. Merry Christmas Louise! xx

  9. Louise, These are adorable. You are a talented girl. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Rhonda Merry.

  10. These are absolutely gorgeous - I'll send you my mug measurements lol. Have a wonderful Christmas. Love to you and yours. xxx

  11. They are lovely - lucky friends! Have a fantastic Christmas xx

  12. Brilliant! You are very clever - this time last year I said I was going to learn how to crochet and I still haven't managed it!

    A very Merry Christmas Louise from all of us to all of you

  13. They are so gorgeous and so sweet,love the colours too,fab work:):)

    Wish you a merry christmas.:):)Hugs:):)

  14. You can crochet too?! Oh, I am so jealous! Those are so, so cute and I'll take one off your hands any day!!! :D I especially like the first ones in green with the extra details! Fantastic!!! Have a wonderful Christmas my friend!

  15. Gorgeous - love the colours and all the buttons :) I hope you and your boys have a super Christmas.

  16. Seriously ..... Is there anything you can't do lol. These are fabulous.

    Wishing you a merry Christmas and all the happiness in 2012

  17. they're lovely, so sweet and you made a great job of them :)


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