Sunday, January 22, 2012

Christmas Journal

My Christmas Journal is finally finished....
Have you finished yours?
December 1st - Christmas officially starts today.
A5 folder and protectors from Paperchase with Lost and Found Christmas papers.
December 2nd - A Luscious Spa day with the girls - a great way to start December. There was six of us but Kay is missing from the top photo because she is a fitness fanatic and while we were getting ourselves ready and enjoying a nice coffee, Kay was in a Zumba class. That was after her six mile run before school and her spin class!! I do admire her energy.
 December 3 - buying the tree (late one evening)
  Day 4 - Decorating the tree
  December 5 - Advent
 December  6 - Christmas Lists
December 7 - Christmas Dinner Set
December 8 - Cards
December 9 - School concert
 December 10 - Father Christmas float outside our front door
 December11 - decorating SJ's owls 
 December 12 - Pantomine
 December 13 - Karen's Photo Challenge
 December 14 - Christmas Dinner
 December 15 - Handmade pressies
 December 16 - Christmas past
 December 17- Star of Jack
 December 18 - Rugby
 December 19 - Cinema
 December 20 - Stockings
 December 21 - Breakfast in Ikea - This is what they get up too when i'm at work!
December 22 - Buying a surprise Christmas present with the boys
 December 23 - Making a (last minute) Christmas Cake
 December 24 - Christmas Eve
  December 25
A summary of December

I couldn't move on knowing I needed to finish it.. so it's quite a relief to know its done...
.....silly really.

Next up 
is to catch up 


  1. I LOVE ur album! Especially ur Goofy dec! {LUSH!} Gr8 colours, love ur style! I cant wait to see ur sketches...catch up soon

  2. Oh my gosh, it's gorgeous. Can I ask what album it was you used?

  3. Oh my gosh!!!!!!this is soooooo wonderful work!!!!!you have done a really fabulous work her, and I love it.I am going to make a xmast album for this year ,its a very great idea.:):):)Hugs

  4. This is fantastic Louise! What a great keepsake to look at every Holidays!!!

  5. Beautiful pages, love that paper. I'm like that it 'worries' me if something isn't finished. Daft aren't we?

  6. A satisfyingly fat and packed album Louise! It's just begging to be flipped through. I like the idea of adding the Christmas tree Month in Numbers at the end - I might take a photo of mine and do the same :)

  7. I toyed with these papers but I didn't think I could make them work. You've managed it brilliantly and your journal has turned out beautifully! I must get myself in gear and finish mine. That's the goal for this week.

  8. What a lovely album and well done on finishing it. You can feel very satisfied now and ready to move on to the next project.

  9. Simply gorgeous, a really lovely album. I still have to finish mine!

  10. This looks great Louise! I would feel the same until I had finished it :)

  11. Wow your album is fantastic, you must be so pleased with it. Really like the summary page using the numbers.

  12. I really liked mine until I saw yours :-) It is lovely Lou - can't wait to see it for real.

    - and no, I still haven't finished mine.


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