Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My January Month in Numbers

As part of Julies Month in Numbers  January has been a month of keeping count with....

2012 the year of the London Olympics.

22 The number of years we have now been together.

6  Rugby training sessions attended.
3  Rugby matches watched and cheered (screamed, shouted and jumped up and down like a mad woman) at.
2  Rugby matches cancelled due to frozen pitches.

1 School trip to Cadbury world (Stan)

118 photos taken

What did you count in the month of January?

P.S Layout to follow.


  1. Thanks for playing Louise [is that a new profile picture? It's very nice.]

    I'll wait for the layout before I pin it - it would be a shame to miss getting to pin something pretty! If I forget - just come back and nudge me!

    Julie :-)

  2. One month I really will play along, honest lol

  3. That's a lot of rugby!!! :) I just posted my Numbers and I look forward to the page you make with yours!

  4. Fab month :) Hope it wasn't too cold at the rugby!

  5. Definitely didn't count any rugby matches - brr! rather you than me lol And I think your new picture is lovely too

  6. I'm playing along but haven't blogged it yet. Great numbers!

  7. Sounds like a very cold month!

  8. 118 is a lot of photos - were there many from Cadbury's world? Looking forward to seeing the page!


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