Thursday, January 05, 2012

New Year...New Goals

How do you start off a New Year?

As a compulsive list maker (my list writing seems to be more compulsive as my brain remembers less, I do like to think though that there is just too much going on for me to remember it all - even if i'm only kidding myself lol!) I like to start a New Year with a list, so I have some idea of where I'm heading and to set some goals. The obvious ones involving the boys, being more organised and loosing weight. This year I've started off too by jotting down some notes and a list of things I'd like to do. 

As a reminder for when I loose my way (you see there are occasions when I spend more time surfing the blogging world and Pinterest than creating and surely I've got it the wrong way around) I thought I'd share the things I'd like to do with you here.

So in 2012 I intend to
  • continue with my bi-weekly photography challenges hosted by the lovely Karen
  • try each month to join in with Sian's Story Telling Sundays.
  • complete a layout each month in numbers....Julie I have already started counting.
  • complete Kirsty's new class Just one Sketch
  • make the majority of all my cards....see, I've made a start already
  • crochet more, after the success of my mug warmers came the apple jackets....what next I wonder!
  • Finish my Christmas Journal
  • possibly join in with Shimelle's monthly challenge over on UKS
  • create a layout each month, of me and hubby, through the years....the album is waiting ready to be filled.
  • and to take part in the challenges Sarah will be setting over at SJ Papercrafts.

ummmm....something tells me that this little lot will keep me busy for some time yet! 

What are you plans for this year - have you set yourself any goals?


  1. That's a good list. I am going to declutter. The house as a whole has been a little neglected and I am off to a good start using a calendar posted by My Simpler Life, I look forward to seeing your creations this year.

  2. wow, quite a long list for you. we are hoping to move house soon, it should have been today, but we are suffering delays lower down the chain, and once we are in our new house I'll have loads and loads of things to do, but at the moment I'm treading water and crocheting blanket squares as I dont want to start anything major.
    good luck with all your plans and challenges,
    joy xx

  3. You are as bad as me :0) Good luck with all of that - think mine is very similar. Have about 4 lists on the go at the mo x

  4. And I can't wait to see how you get on, I know it's going to be exciting :). Wishing lots of happy things for you in 2012 xxx

  5. It certainly seems like you will have lots to keep you entertained. Every year learning to crochet appears on my list (yep I have lists too :) ) but sadly so far I haven't achieved it. I certainly want to scrap more and I'm going to be busy using my new sewing machine and trying to quilt.

    ...I'm suprised you don't make all of your cards as they are always so beautiful.

  6. I'm not much of a resolution maker - but I'm so thrilled to see around blogland some resolves to join in Storytelling Sunday that I've been shamed into action lol. I'm off to make a list..

    Love the apple covers

  7. Great list Louise, love the idea of scrapping a layout of you and hubby through the ages. Will be watching keenly to see how the list goes :)

  8. my list is similar to yours and you've just reminded me to get the crochet hook out!

  9. That's a whole lot of goals but I'm sure you will make great headway with all of them. But apple jackets?? Do they stop them getting bruised in bags or something? Very pretty though, I wonder if banana blankets would work?? ;-) xx

  10. Strangely, I only write shopping lists.....then still forget things. My lists are in my head. I dream of creations, colours and nice things when I go to sleep. But I think I will write my goals for a layout.....then I can't fail can I?

  11. Mmm, with such a list, we are sure to see a lot of pretty things on this blog! It takes me a while to organize my thoughts at the start of the new year but I might join in a couple of yours :)

  12. Beautiful card,love the butterflies and your colours too.
    Good luck with your goals for this year.:):)
    Wish you a wonderful day.:)

  13. I feel exhausted just reading your list lol. Look forward to seeing the creations you come up with for all of these. Love the apple warmers, very xx

  14. First of all thanks for your lovely words in my blog!!!!You really make me very happy!!
    Was very sweet!!I love your post and I look for all your creation!!
    Have a wonderful 2012!!
    Big huges and kisses

  15. Super list...know what you mean about the browsing/crafting balance...I need to adjust mine too, love the apple warmers. I am a little to scared to write a list...but will definately be having a go at some of the things on yours :)


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