Sunday, January 08, 2012

One Lens

To use one lens for two weeks was the photo challenge set by Karen.

Not a hard decision for me to make - I only have two lens, the kit lens and the zoom lens 70-300mm (which I use mainly when the boys are playing rugby). I haven't taken specific photos for this challenge, so I've chosen three pictures I took Christmas Day.

These were all taken at 6.30 am Christmas morning with my standard kit lens, in automatic using the built in flash...........Sometimes you have to just use what's quick and easy and doesn't need any thinking power....especially at 6.30 in the morning!!

The first two photos show the boys after they each opened a present (not really a Christmas present, but we thought it might add to the magic!) giving them a clue as to where we were going on holiday this year......
.....think I was more excited telling Harry's eyes nearly popped out of his head as he said 

"For Real?" and "Really" over and over........

It was so lovely to see the excitement on their faces - they were all quiet for a few..... seconds, lost in thought!

S and J are modelling their new hats, the first present they opened and wore throughout the morning.

The next photo is my favourite and I have cropped it just to show a close up of Jack......I think it's safe to say he liked this present :)

There it is, a snapshot of our Christmas morning.

Oh... in case you might be wondering, we are off to Florida this year. We have never taken the boys on such a big holiday and think that they are all now at the right ages to enjoy themselves and remember the experience.

 Please pop across to see Karen's Eggcellent photo and to check out who else joined in.

Have a lovely week.


  1. OMG I guessed where you were going as soon as I started to read this, we did the same thing on Boxing Day 2006 to the girls lol. You will have such amazing experience it is sooooooo great. SO JEALOUS, we would go back tomorrow if we could get Mick leg room :) Even he said it was fanatastic. xxx

    Oh nearly forgot so excited for you all. Your photos are great and they catch the moment so perfectly. wonderful. x

  2. Fab photos Louise, I wish my Christmas photos were this clear and the look on Jacks face is just priceless!! :)

  3. Great photos and what a great way to tell them where you were going x

  4. Great photos and I bet the boys are so so excited, you will have an amazing time Florida is fab!!!!

  5. Ha, you misled me with the hats, I thought you were taking them skiing. Hope you have a lovely time in Florida, look forward to seeing the photos of that later on. Lovely spontaneous family shots, well done,
    Joy x x

  6. Louise, you have really caught the excitement of the day in your photos. Bet the boys are counting down the days already......and just think of the photo opportunities.

  7. Priceless expression! I bet you'll have an amazing time

  8. Great photos capturing xmas and what a great way to suprise the children xx

  9. Great photos...and what a great holiday to look forward to!
    Alison xx

  10. I love these photos. You have really captured the atmosphere, the excitement. I'm impressed with the quality of the shots (exposure, focus etc) considering the early hour! Well done.

  11. Great shots and I love the hats!

  12. Hi there, just found your blog through Dapfnie's Design blog, and love it! I also have boys too! Your blog is wonderful and love your scrapbooking pages and journals, so inspiring, love them all! Your boys looks so exciting, and hope you all have a fantastic time in Florida. I have now become a follower of your blog, so look forward to seeing more of your lovely work.
    Suzie xxx :)

  13. What a perfect way to tell them, I bet it made your dy too :). Great, great shots

  14. The shots came out really well, winter indoor shots are so difficult! My DS wore his Christmas hat all day long as well. Bet you can't wait for your Florida trip - you'll be dreaming of that warm sunshine when it's cold and miserable here!


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