Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tomorrow is the start of a new week - and in addition to the normal activities we also have two parents evenings and a cake sale. Baking has been underway this evening. I'm sure we have a few less cakes than we baked :)

To end a great week I'd like to say thank you to two lovely ladies, Clare and Lisa-Jane both who linked me into their blog posts this week. The blogging world is one of inspiration and it is nice to know that there are occasions when you may have done something to inspire someone else.

I have a very early start tomorrow so before I go I'd like to share a couple of cards.
Inspired by
  A couple of variations of the same card.....
 .....and one for the boys.
Edged with a Fiskars Border Punch
I haven't made a rosette for a while and now I'm wondering why!

They look sooo good and are so easy to make.

Thank you for stopping by, enjoy your week 

Friday, February 24, 2012

I spy......

Have you seen the MME Dolled Up stamp set?

The Woodgrain and Butterfly stamps have won me over. 

The woodgrain has sooo many possibilities, used here as a background and on the tree really is lovely!

This page was made for SJ Crafts....all the supplies on this layout (with the exception of the Maya Road tree) were sent to me from Sarah's online shop.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


 Joining Karen in this weeks photo challenge with the subject of water droplets.

Last year I tried this challenge with little success. With the cold weather we've had this past week or two I managed to catch a frozen water droplet. Hopefully Karen won't see this as cheating :)

Manual Mode    Focal Length 55mm   1/160   f5.6   ISO100

   I'm not sure which photo i like best. This first one sets the scene.
Manual Mode    Focal Length 55mm   1/400   f5.6   ISO200
 I love the bohek effect on this photo and.....
Manual Mode    Focal Length 55mm   1/200   f5.6   ISO100
......the light glistening on this droplet. This is possibly my favourite.

All images are straight from the camera with slight crops.

If you would like to see more do pop across to Karen's blo.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Garden of Eden

Flowers and Red or Pink.....

...keep these in mind when you create your next layout....

.....then you can enter

 and a close up
 Looking forward to seeing what you create.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lets go fly a kite.....

 ......and then spend ages trying to untangle all the string!

Oh yes three kites, three boys and one huge mass of tangled string. 

 Inspired by A Month of Sunrays I used my only yellow patterned 12x12 sheet of paper. Good enough reason to buy some more papers me thinks!

  A terrible photo but this might give you an idea of the tangled mess they got themselves into :)   

 It's half term here this week - if you are on half term too I hope it is a good one.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Gimme Gimme Gimme.....

 Kirsty's just one sketch challenge -  to shrink down our chosen design.
12x12 crate paper random collection with MME lost and found two papers. Full story of this night is on the tag.
These photos were taken nearly ten years ago when we were one half of Abba for a fancy dress party. If you read my blog you'll know from photos that my darling husband is a little limited in the hair department.
Given a choice (even now when he's had no hair longer than he had hair) he would most definitely choose to have hair. The photos from this night still make me smile, he loved his wig and reckons that these photo's prove that hair would suit him!!!
Even with hair...... he wondered..... blondes really have more fun? 

Yep you guessed... the end of the night he was donning my blonde wig!!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

January - my month in numbers layout

Julie Kirk hosts My Month in Numbers. I posted here about my numbers and today I'm sharing the page created to go with it.
If you read Julie's blog you'll know that right now she's blogging a Month of Sunrays. After reading her first post on the colour yellow I found myself reaching for (a shade of ) yellow card for this page.

I do wonder how long I would have spent choosing a card had I not read this post! 

Taking inspiration from others - love it.

I hope you are all staying warm and if you have snow it hasn't caused you too many problems.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Zoom Burst

Karen's photo challenge this week is Zoom Burst. I left the challenge until the last minute, mainly due to the weather. I kept thinking it would brighten up!

When we woke up this morning we had lots of snow, so out we all went and I took my trusted camera. My attempt at zoom burst photos in the snow just didn't work out.

So this afternoon I've been all over the house trying out different subjects.  From Vases to Guitars and Rocks to Pictures nothing seemed to work for me. Until I tried it on my kitchen clock.

I most definitely like the effect and from all the photos taken this one is my favourite. The black frame and the numbers look sharp. This photo is straight out of the camera with no cropping and you can see the top of bottom of the reflection have been chopped off. It took me ages to work out why I kept doing this.
 I'm still chopping the top and bottom off.... with this photo though I managed to get a larger burst but with a washed out look. I think I moved the camera too - the number are blurred!
Eventually I worked out that I was starting off with the zoom too close, after zooming out a little I did manage to get the whole clock and burst in. Again this is straight out of the camera with a slight crop. A small reflection can also be seen in this one which is a shame.

All in all this was a good learning curve and I'm looking forward to mastering this one over the year. Imagine the scrapping possibilities!

Story Telling Sunday

Amazingly I've made it to the second month of Story Telling Sunday.

This is the one about the Duck and the Stag Beetle.

One sunny summers day in 2007..... while we were on holiday, we paid a visit to a friend of mine and to her and our surprise a duck was found roaming her garden.

The boys thought this was great and watched as their dad eventually caught the duck and returned it to it's rightful owner.
Whilst we sat soaking up the sun, catching up, the boys messed around in the pond. After a while they hooked out a Stag Beetle. (According to my Journaling at the time I thought it was a plastic toy - the boys have one in their animal collection and it looked exactly the same.)

They carried the dead stag beetle all the way back to the caravan in a plastic cup, were it was placed on the table and examined at great length. Their pinchers are massive.

After a while Harry said "it moved". So everyone sat in silence and watched as this "dead as a doornail" Stag Beetle slowly come back to life.

When we arrived home, after our holiday Harry spent ages searching the internet to see if Stag Beetles hibernate. He couldn't find an answer so I wondered.....could this beetle have fallen into the pond and been luckily enough to have had three inquisitive boys digging around and fish him out.

After the Stag Beetle had made a full recovery a search for a safe place to release him was found.
Our 2007 holiday was scrapped in a mini book, made using my then new Bind-it-all.
Looking back on older scrapbooks does make me smile!

Friday, February 03, 2012

Fiskars Bracket Border Punch......

......I love it.

Each month one of the SJ Crafts design team members will be posting a tutorial over at
SJ Papercraft's blog. I am first up....Sarah asked me to create a tutorial and some examples using the Fiskars Bracket Border punch.  I have to say I am partial to a punch and this has become my "must use" punch of the moment.
Pink Paislee - Phantom Collection
Halloween is a huge occasion in our village (even lots of parents dress up) and I have taken many photos over the years. These are the first and only Halloween layouts I have ever scrapped (if my memory serves me right!!). I'm sure that's all down to this gorgeous kit I purchased.
For this layout I wanted the emphasis to be on their painted faces - although I do think a mask is preferable, especially as it took forever to scrub their faces not too mention their hands, their clothes and....... my walls. The stuff seemed to get everywhere!
I used the border punch to make some birthday cards too.

Also used Martha Stewart's Butterfly and Scallop Punch

Including a card for a friends engagement.
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