Sunday, February 19, 2012


 Joining Karen in this weeks photo challenge with the subject of water droplets.

Last year I tried this challenge with little success. With the cold weather we've had this past week or two I managed to catch a frozen water droplet. Hopefully Karen won't see this as cheating :)

Manual Mode    Focal Length 55mm   1/160   f5.6   ISO100

   I'm not sure which photo i like best. This first one sets the scene.
Manual Mode    Focal Length 55mm   1/400   f5.6   ISO200
 I love the bohek effect on this photo and.....
Manual Mode    Focal Length 55mm   1/200   f5.6   ISO100
......the light glistening on this droplet. This is possibly my favourite.

All images are straight from the camera with slight crops.

If you would like to see more do pop across to Karen's blo.


  1. That is an amazing photo - just beautiful.

  2. Wow! I love when natures beauty gets captured in photos. This is amazing.

  3. Wow! Did you use a tripod? It's so crisp

  4. Absolutely stunning photos Louise!

  5. Great shot, simple but so beautiful.

  6. Oh wow Louise, what a fab photo! xx

  7. These have come out really well and I can't choose a favorite as they are all great, They all look like diamonds so stunning.
    love and hugs

  8. LOL cheating not at all, I wish I had some frozen water droplets to photograph. The light in all three is lovely and the dof spot on really drawing the eye to the water droplet. I think the last one is my fav as it shows the detail in the ice. Well done and thanks for taking part. xxx

  9. Amazing that you can see the ice crystals. Great photos Louise.

  10. ooh, amazing pics, well done! I'm going to be looking out for frozen droplets to photograph next winter! x


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