Wednesday, March 28, 2012

There must be occasions when life takes over and you find yourself with very little spare time. This certainly seems to be the case with me this month.

I hope to be back soon with some things to share, in the meantime I leave you with a photo of my number three son, Stan the man, who was eight last week. My baby is eight...I can hardly believe it.

I have managed to take my camera out with me and get in some black and white practice for this weeks photo challenge over at Me My Camera Eye. Shame about the graffiti!

Hoping to get around to catching up on my blog reading over the next few days too.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Photo Challenge - Shapes

 Shapes has been the challenge, for the past two weeks, over at Me My Camera Eye hosted by the lovely Karen.

Circles was the shape I settled on.
Manual Mode   F11  1/50  ISO200

Manual Mode F11  1/60  ISO200
Manual Mode F11  1/40  ISO100   

Black and White is the challenge for the next two weeks, I'm looking forward to this one. Many moons ago before digital I always remember at my local crop being advised to use a black and white film at least once a year.  It is so much easier now. 

Hoping all you lovely mum's out there have had a very enjoyable Mothers Day.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Big Fish.....

 ...Little Fish....

I so wanted to add ......Cardboard Box!

does anyone else remember these dance (arm) moves  from their clubbing days?!? 
or maybe you'd rather not remember them lol!!
SJ Crafts March challenge (why not pop across and join in) has now been posted so I can share this page with you.The theme is 1,2,3 with the added extra to use three of something.

 I used the nursery ryhme 1....2....3.....

4..5.......once I caught a fish alive.

With the added extra of three photos.

The photos are off my husband, my dad and my little man, H, who's now my big man. Doesn't my dad look chuffed to bits with his catch :)
A rosette using the bracket border punch and again the woodgrain stamp from MME

The black paint lines were made with a ruler.
 I've seen this used quite often on layouts and wanted to try it out.
Am liking the look!

A few posts back the lovely Amanda left me a message:-
"Something I've noticed about your layouts is that they always have interesting pops of Black"

My first thought was do they! 

While reaching for my black paint I was reminded of Amanda's comment. So when putting some recent layouts into an album today I had a flick through and it seems does feature in lots of my layouts.

I always tend to reach for black when out shopping for myself...(something to do with it being a slimming colour I wonder!) it looks as if it is the colour I reach for when scrapbooking too.  

Do you have a colour you always reach for?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Month in Numbers....

.....for February 2012.....with Julie Kirk.
I recorded all my numbers during February, it's just taken me a little while to put a layout together.

I started off with my first number, a number that over weeks we'd heard so much about .......
  • 9.45pm is the time  on 9 February that British Airways launched their advert
  "The Race"
for 2012 London Olympics.......

The race of the suitcases - have you seen it?

The reason we heard so much about this number is because..... Brother-in-law stars in it!!
Really he does!

and here he is....

..... so next time you see the full length advert you'll know which one he is!!

My other numbers for January are:
  •  Minus 10 was the temperature reached here in our neck of the woods

  • 1 is the number of school trips this month (Snibstone)

  • 1, 7 year old, dressed up as Mike Teavee for a themed Charlie and the Chocolate Factory day at school

  • 5 Rugby training sessions cancelled due to frozen pitches

  • 3 rugby matches cancelled due to frozen pitches and 3 training sessions attended

  • 4 rugby matches watched, jumped and cheered at.
  • 19th February, the day Jack was awarded player of the month for January 
  • 108 miles travelled on a round trip to visit family
  • 2 parents evenings attended
  • £260+ raised from the year 5 cake sale
  •  386 photo's taken

 Thank you for stopping by and if you'd like to see more numbers be sure to pop across to Julie.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Storytelling Sunday

 Paultons Park Aug 2004.

Harry was five years old. He was sitting with his brother Jack who was just 2, watching a magic show, when the clown needed an assistant. The clown scoured a huge crowd and invited Harry to join him on stage. We stood watching with Stanley who was 4 months old. Harry had us and the clown in fits of laughter I can still remember the tears running down my cheeks (another layout and another story).

Some three years later at a caravan park on Hayling Island a familiar clown was entertaining a crowd of children with his magic show. This time Stanley was called to help assist him on stage. 

For Sian's Story telling Sunday I managed to locate the photos and put some words onto paper.
and after all these years I am glad I did. 
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