Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Month in Numbers....

.....for February 2012.....with Julie Kirk.
I recorded all my numbers during February, it's just taken me a little while to put a layout together.

I started off with my first number, a number that over weeks we'd heard so much about .......
  • 9.45pm is the time  on 9 February that British Airways launched their advert
  "The Race"
for 2012 London Olympics.......

The race of the suitcases - have you seen it?

The reason we heard so much about this number is because..... Brother-in-law stars in it!!
Really he does!

and here he is....

..... so next time you see the full length advert you'll know which one he is!!

My other numbers for January are:
  •  Minus 10 was the temperature reached here in our neck of the woods

  • 1 is the number of school trips this month (Snibstone)

  • 1, 7 year old, dressed up as Mike Teavee for a themed Charlie and the Chocolate Factory day at school

  • 5 Rugby training sessions cancelled due to frozen pitches

  • 3 rugby matches cancelled due to frozen pitches and 3 training sessions attended

  • 4 rugby matches watched, jumped and cheered at.
  • 19th February, the day Jack was awarded player of the month for January 
  • 108 miles travelled on a round trip to visit family
  • 2 parents evenings attended
  • £260+ raised from the year 5 cake sale
  •  386 photo's taken

 Thank you for stopping by and if you'd like to see more numbers be sure to pop across to Julie.


  1. Great page - it works so well with the numbers because [to me at least] it looks a bit like a clock face. The colours are pretty too.

    I'll look out for your in law next time I see the ad!

    Thanks for joining in, and for linking :-)

    I've pinned you alongside everyone else on the Pinterest board

    Julie :-D

  2. I love the way you've displayed your different numbers for Feb, and the papers you've used are really pretty :)

  3. Fantastic layout Louise, I love the colours and patterned papers you have used and how the black pops! :) It's a pitty they didn't gilm your brother from the front, will have to look out for the ad! :)

  4. No wonder it took you a while to put together's beautiful!
    Alison xx

  5. Great ideas Louise. Love those colours too.

  6. Oohh that sort of makes you famous lol. I'll check out the advert properly, I think its such a sweet advert.

    Anyway back to your fabulous page, oohhh I like it very much :) the colours with the black really do make it all pop.

  7. Love the sunburst design of your page and the colors you've used. I will be watching that advert much more closely next time!

  8. What a fun idea, I love the quilted look of your LO.

    And, thanks for popping in on my blog. I enjoy seeing you sweet comments. We did have a good time at open house. Sorry that your weather has been gloomy, I am very greatful for our warm winter here in Texas. Hope yours improves. Have a great week.

  9. What a beautiful page Louise - I really love it!

    I'll be checking out that advert too now

  10. Fab page...and going to have to watch that ad and your brothers staring part :D

  11. I love the sunburst effect there! I've not seen the ad but I will look out for it!

  12. I love this idea - your month in numbers. How many photos???? Oh my goodness! Great page. Maddy x

  13. Gorgeous layout, love the colours. Still looking for the advert! xx

  14. The black on your layout looks really great against the colours! I'm going to be watching for this advert now :-)

  15. Love the page you have made - I would love to lift that if that's OK?

  16. I love this layout Louise! Very creative! I have fallen off the MIN wagon, but hope to jump back on for March!

  17. Lou, I've seen your brother in law in the Advert!!!! Loving the LO too, you've completed a lovely layout!!


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