Sunday, March 18, 2012

Photo Challenge - Shapes

 Shapes has been the challenge, for the past two weeks, over at Me My Camera Eye hosted by the lovely Karen.

Circles was the shape I settled on.
Manual Mode   F11  1/50  ISO200

Manual Mode F11  1/60  ISO200
Manual Mode F11  1/40  ISO100   

Black and White is the challenge for the next two weeks, I'm looking forward to this one. Many moons ago before digital I always remember at my local crop being advised to use a black and white film at least once a year.  It is so much easier now. 

Hoping all you lovely mum's out there have had a very enjoyable Mothers Day.


  1. Hope you've had a lovely Mother's Day the pics-especially the sand(?) one
    Alison xx

  2. Hope you had a nice day too. I like the top one especially - glass bricks, is it?

  3. Fab photos, you found some really interesting circles! I look forward to the black and white photos, I love black and white photos! :)

  4. Snap ... I chose circles as well. I can't decide between the first two though I'm leaning towards the second one - I lke the shadows and the composition works well.

  5. A nice set of photos, love the colours in the first one, possibly slightly over exposed, like the crop it really draws the eye to the tiles. (I think they are glass tiles, still trying to work it out)
    Second one, like Eileen I like the composition and shadows. Nice light as well. Would make a nice b&w.
    Third one, still trying to work out this one, a sculpture of some sort? nice pattern in it, on my screen it is showing slightly out of focus, but that as I say that is on my screen, with morning eyes lol. Nice light.

    Thank you for taking

  6. Hey you found some really interesting patterns there! You're obviously enjoying the challenges.

  7. Great photos, I love the circles you've picked x

  8. Gorgeous photos especially love the 1st one...but that is mainly the colour - they are all beautiful.

  9. Louise, these are great pictures just love the glass, I think my favorite is the second one, just love the swirls Love and Hugs Yvonne

  10. Love the circles and the b/w - I too used to take b/w once a year. Thanks for the reminder!

  11. Love the different circles you managed to find :) Great photo of the glass


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