Sunday, April 01, 2012

Black and White

 is the challenge over at Me My Camera Eye.
The idea was too photograph in black and white.  I have to be honest Karen and say that with all the blue sky we have had here this past week I just couldn't bring myself to change my camera to black and white, opting instead for altering the photo in a photo editing program.

Here are my photos, starting with my nephew Sid
Manual Mode F11 1/160 ISO100
  My number three son wanted in on the action.
Manual Mode F5 1/500 ISO100
Until my sister found a ladybird that is.
This has to be my favourite photo.
Manual Mode F5.6   1/200   ISO100

The photo of Stan reminded me of a conversation I had with him walking home from school on Friday. I thought it might make you did me!

"Do you know mum all the girls in my class, pretty much, have had or have got a crush on me?"

Whilst Jack giggled away and I tried not to laugh I replied "No Stanley I didn't know but I can see why that would be!"

Bless him, maybe his school teacher was right when he said to me at parents evening that Stanley was one who liked the girls. Oh my!!!

Wishing you all a fantastic Easter break and hopefully it won't be too long before I'm back with my month in mumbers post.


  1. Wow!!!!these photos are fabulous,stunning and your two boys are very beautiful and so cute and sweet:):)
    Hugs Merethe

  2. your photos are gorgeous. love 'em.

  3. These are lovely Louise, I couldn't keep to b&w either with all this sun around :)
    First one, love the angle you have used here looking up at Sid, great exposure and love the crop.
    Second one, once again, great exposure, love the angle Stan is sat at, do find the wavy line behind his head distracting, guess it is part of the climbing frame,as with the first one the tight crop works well.
    Third one, nice dof and has worked well in b&w. Your conversion are really good.
    My favourite has to be the first one I think, though I love the second as well apart from the line.
    Thanks for taking part, doors next. xx

  4. Thank you, yes it's nice to remember the little things they do. Gorgeous photos, that ladybird is fab :)

  5. What a great set of photos again, I can see the family resemblance between your nephew and son. Great shot of the ladybird, I don't think I could get one to keep still long enough to get a picture!

  6. Lovely shots Louise...maybe Stanley is right about all those girls!
    Alison xx

  7. Super shots LOL about Stanley :) Definitely something to treasure.

  8. Great captures there Lou and wey hey to your boy!

  9. LOL ... Oh I'm loving his comment. Louise, these are really stunning

  10. Bless! Good to feel good about yourself from a young age. :) These look lovely in black and white - really retro feel!

  11. You did a fantastic job Louise :) I started a photography class at Jessica Sprague and look forward to learning about aperture and all things photography related!

    PS - sounds like you will have some interesting times ahead with Stan ;)

  12. Love the pictures louise, and yes it was a hard challenge with the blue sky and wonderful sun. Great job and love your sons comments, but then he does look irresistable xx

  13. ahh, love your son's comment :) great photos, I love B&W :) Love your new blog profile pic too, very nice :) Just off for a look through your posts, nice to have found a little spot of time to flick through :)

  14. What a player! You'll have to keep a close eye on his Louise! ;-)


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