Sunday, April 29, 2012

Photo Challenge

Karen at Me My Camera Eye has been setting photography challenges for the past year or two now. Every other week, we post our photos from the weeks challenge set. Then we leave each other constructive comments! What we like/don’t like about the photo, if there’s anything we would have done differently like a closure crop etc.

These comments I find so helpful and find myself waiting for what Karen has to say!! I mean her photos are amazing so any little direction she can give me must help....mustn't it.

This weeks challenge is to walk half a mile from your front door and take just five photos. This is to make you aware of your surroundings and to think about the kind of photo you want to capture. Easy enough wouldn't you say, I mean in the day of film then this is most certainly what you would have done. 

Only with my camera set on continuous shooting (so i don't miss anything) I found I was taking between three to five photos of the same scene. 

When I looked at them on the computer they were much of a muchness they are.
 All of these photos were taken with a 50mm lens.
Aperture Priority Mode   ISO 100   F5.6   1/600  Cropped to focus on the farm house
We are lucky enough to live in the countryside and within a quarter of a mile these are the views from our front door. If I'd walked the full half a mile I would have been side on to the farm house and this was the angle I wanted to capture.  

(Karen I tried out AP Mode too)
Manual Mode   ISO100   F8   1/400
  The view to the left of the farm house
Manual Mode    ISO100   F8  1/400

The farmer in his tractor spraying his crops.
Manual Mode    ISO100    F11  1/200
A close up of the tractor. This photo has been cropped giving lots of blue sky - I can see lots of journaling across this photo.

Aperture Priority Mode   ISO100   F5.6   1/640
 This was the view behind me (the road we live off) as I took the photos above.

Thank you to Karen for all her help and guidance.


  1. Your surrounding area looks like a lovely place to live, and you've captured it very nicely in your photos.

  2. Beautiful photos and love the idea of blue sky for journalling :) And it isn't raining in your shots which just makes me smile at the moment :)

  3. I really love the idea of using the sky for a lot of journaling on that striking picture! Can't wait to see you do that

  4. lovely photos, you are lucky to live in such a beautiful place x

  5. AV mode and a 50mm lens... yeah! Nice lens isn't it?
    Love the first one, broke the good old rules of not in the centre etc etc but it really works for me and I think the letterbox crop works well also. If being picky I might take a tadge off the left hand side.
    Second, nice exposure and detail in the sky, I would be tempted to crop some of the bottom off to drawn the eye to the tree and sky more, and straighten the horizon :)
    Third, nicely composed, nice exposure and detail maintained in the sky and crop.
    Forth, nice sky, I would have be tempted not to have put the farmer so low in the frame as I think he is about to fall out of the picture or crop some off the top and straightened it again, love the detail of the clouds again. (me and my clouds eh? lol)
    Fifth,like the leading line of the road taking you into the phots, and the way the bush and post hold the sides in. My favourite is the first one.

    Thanks for taking part and the lovely things you have said in your post. :) xxxx

  6. Hi Louise, your pictures are just beautiful, what a lovely part of the world you live in too! I would sooooo love to know how to take fantastic photos. I think what you have done so far is fantastic, those picture you took of your boy, in your beautiful mini album, as simply stunning!!! How wonderful to have a photo mentor, I would so love to know more about taking photos. Looking forward to hearing about it more.
    Suzie xxxx :)

  7. Some great photos, looking forward to seeing the one with journaling across the sky on a LO soon :)It was good that you found a bit of sunshine in a quite miserable week too.

  8. Oh, I especially like no.3 and can just see the scope for that journalling ...

  9. Love the idea of journalling on the blue sky...and you DO live in a lovely part of the world!
    Alison xx

  10. Wow! What a lovely set of photos Louise!!! I LOVE the first one, I love the long horizon with the green contrasting with the blue of the sky. Details like the tree draw you in closer. I think I would have liked more sky and less grass on the second one but the framing on the tractor one really pleases me. Thank you for sharing your pretty neighborhood!

  11. I love all all them ... it's the clouds! if I have to settle on a favourite, then it is the first one. I love the way you've cropped it with the long horizontal view. The last one comes a close second with the promise of what lies around the bend. You've managed good exposure in all of them (something I quite often get wrong when I include so much sky in the frame. Well done, a great set of photos.

  12. Aren't you lucky to have such lovely countryside around you. I'm loving that your photographers eye has really grown.

  13. Lovely pictures Louise, hardly recognised the place. Especially the last one, took me a while to work it out. Thank you for reminding me we are lucky to live here, especially after everywhere looking so drab this week.

  14. What lovely photos. I love the first one the most, would love to live in a house like that. I think the crop works well. My next favorite is the last one, I think like Karen I and it is great to wonder what is around the corner
    Love and Hugs


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