Friday, April 20, 2012

This and That mini album

Hello there..... I'm back as promised with a little something I've been working on.

Amy Tangerine.....I've been admiring her lines for a while now. I love her vibrant products and her day books look amazing. I've not seen one in the flesh, although I did have a good look at Clare's completed one and it does look absolutely gorgeous.
 A few weeks back I ordered the new Echo Park This and That Charming kit and after all the oooohing are arrrhhhing decided that this would be the perfect choice of paper for a mini book.

Inspired by Amy's daybook I wondered.......could I make my own version?

......I had a go and this is what I came up with.

The construction of the book didn't take long at all. I did remember to take some photos along the way (some of the time!) so if you fancy making one yourself here is how this one was put together.

1.   I started by choosing five sheets of patterned paper from the kit and an acetate sheet that I've   
      had for a while.
2.  The pages were prepared as follows:
  • Acetate cover - 12 x 7 acetete sheet
  • Front Cover - 12 x 9 woodgrain effect for the front cover. A center crease and the front page was made.
  • Page 1- 11 x 7 rectangle
  • Page 2 - 12 x 5 with a scalloped outside edge- this then made my size page 11.5 x 5
  • Page 3 - a circle cut from a full sheet of 12x12. I used my creative memories circle cutter but you could just as easily use a dinner plate to draw around and cut out.
  • Page 4 - 11 x 7 again for the (brown) middle page. This page is set in the middle of the circle which makes it slightly offset from the page 1
  • and then an envelope for the middle.
    These are the five papers selected and layered to form the book

3.  Using a ruler and bone folder, crease down the center of each sheet.
4.   Layer the sheets with the middle crease lined up.
5.  Remember if you'd like to place an envelope in the middle then this needs to be added now, in the
     middle of the center sheet of patterned paper. Line up the crease on the flap of the envelope with
     the center crease on the middle sheet of patterned paper, like this....
6.  Taking a pointy pokey tool, I used a bradawl..........

7.   Make three holes using the centrally placed envelope as a guideline
  I'd already stitched the book together before I thought about taking these photos. I hope that you
  can see from the photo below where the three holes were placed ..... top, middle and bottom.

  A close up...just in case.
8.  A three hole pamphlet stitch was used to fasten the book together.
     This You Tube video will show you how its done.

     Don't be put off, the stitch is so straightforward. If I thought I could explain how it's done, well
     enough, I would, chances are I would make the stitch much more complicated! The video
     isn't too long and actually seeing someone work the stitch is so much easier to follow.
The stitch from the outside.

Really, it is easy peasy!!

So there you have it, a bare book, all ready to tell your story.
To give you a page by page account, here are all the pages throughout the book. 
....... I do hope you have been inspired to create your own version, if you do please come back to leave me a link so I can stop by, have a look and leave you a comment.

Oh....and I will be back soon to show you the finished book.


  1. It looks gorgeous Louise, I love the papers you have chosen! I look forward to seeing it fulled :)

  2. It's beautiful! I have one brewing on my desk at the moment - I was going to sew it on the machine, but this looks like a much better idea :) Really lovely - envelopes are always good!

  3. Wow that looks fab! How clever are you? I can't wait to see what you fill it with. Thank you for the link back to my book x

  4. You did a great job in making your own version!! I love the cover and can not wait to see it filled up!!!!

  5. Great book...and tutorial- TFS!
    Alison xx

  6. I love the look of your book Louise and you've given some great instructions.

  7. This is fantastic. I just love the style and papers you have chosen.

  8. Super tutorial (I've just got those papers too....still stroking them :D)

  9. this is gorgeous Louise, thanks for the great tutorial xx

  10. Hi Louise, I love this!!! Thank you so much for sharing :) and love the photos and instructions :)
    I have some Eco Park papers too, called Country Drive, they are just scrummy!!!
    Suzie xxx :)

  11. This is fantastic Louise :) Love the mix of patterns you have incorporated here and the cover is beautiful! This would make a lovely Week in the Life!!

  12. Hi Louise, this is so gorgeous,love your mini album, so many fab details and you have done a wonderful and fab work,Hugs Merethe

  13. Louise this is BRILLIANT!!! Thanks for the step by step too :)

  14. That looks gorgeous, I might follow your step by step photos and have a go myself :)

  15. Can't believe I missed this post, brilliant tutorial, well done. xxx

  16. This is such a wonderful book, its just the sort of thing I was looking for for a minibook of our rugby trips last year - thank you!


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