Wednesday, May 02, 2012

All day crop

Just outside Milton Keynes
Saturday June 16th
10am till 4pm

If you are interested please drop me an email 
scrapbook-me (at) live (dot) co (dot) uk
or leave me a comment
and I'll send you more information.

Many of you many know that when I moved from London in favour of country life I started up a regular crop evening and a couple of times a year I organise an all day crop too.

The day is really informal, the girls are lovely and I thought it might be nice to see if there are any local ladies out there who might be interested in coming along for the day.

Photos from the last all day crop are here if you would like to check it out.

Gosh it feels like a really long week, I'm so glad my working week is now over. A long bank holiday weekend ahead and hoping to find time to cut and stick a little. It doesn't feel right leaving without a photo so here are two cards I made for a birthday this week.'s your birthday!!
 Inspired by Amy Tangerine's video tutorial and it just so happened that I had some of the exact same washi tape!

Enjoy the rest of your week xx


  1. There are times when I wish I live in the UK..sounds like a good day out! I especially like the camera card
    Alison xx

  2. Oh it's so not fair I'm not closer, otherwise I'd be there like a shot.

    What fabulous cards, oh Louise you've got such great style

  3. I love Amy Tan, your card looks great. We'll be cropping at the Little Blue House on the same day. That was nice of your work to give you a holiday weekend for National Scrapbook Day. hehe.

  4. Loooove these cards,love the camera image great idea:):)
    Wish you a lovely day,Hugs Merethe

  5. Don't do b&b do you???? :D a day with you is what I need to rekindle my scrapping interest. xxx

  6. Wish I was closer!

    I love that stamp too :)

  7. Oh I would have come if I wasn't a couple of hundred miles away! Lovely cards x

  8. Wishing i was closer too!! Great cards!!!

  9. Sweet cards Louise enjoy your weekend.

  10. Those little cameras are very cute, I wonder whether I could find a template that is similar to cut on my Cameo A day of scrapbooking sounds fun, just wish I didn't live so far away!

  11. Love your camera images:) where or how did you make them?

  12. I absolutely adore those cards! I love the clean and simple designs. How did you do those teeny hearts on the camera? I've got that lush stamp ;-)


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