Sunday, May 13, 2012

Photo Challenge

A different angle, a different level, get low, get high, was the thinking behind Karen's photo challenge this week, "Unseen Perspective".

I opted for getting low......and yesterday.......dare I say it..........we saw the sun!
Aperture priority mode ISO100 1/125 F5.6
 My next photo is a view we all see regularly these days I'd say.
Until this challenge though it hadn't occurred to me to photograph it. 
So here is my niece yesterday at our first family BBQ of the year 
*hurray* for warm sunny days.   
AP Mode  F5.6 ISO100 1/200

  Thank you for stopping by, wishing you all a lovely week.


  1. Thanks for taking part and great photos, like the dof in both and well thought of with the second one, as you say we see it all the time but never actually see it IYKWIM!! xx

  2. It's true isn't it, we see most people these days talking photos with their phones :)

  3. I like the second one because it is something we see so often but don't really record. I can not figure what the first one is! Both have definitely a different perspective :) I missed this challenge but hope to play again next time!

  4. I love the angle and the light on the first one Louise and the second one gave me a chuckle! :)

  5. The second one is very well seen - well done for 'seeing' this everyday image. I love the colour in the first one and that's definitely my favourite.

  6. I'm taking so many more pictures now I use my phone a lot - so I love that you have recorded this new basic of life.

    We were sitting inside in front of the fire at the weekend - definitely not BBQ weather here!

  7. Yep here's to more sun and BBQs in the garden.

  8. Great photos. The second one reminds me of how I saw so many mums texting while pushing prams that I thought their babies wouldn't recognise them them without a phone in front of their face! :)

  9. I really like both of these - that second one is so true and cleverly spotted!


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