Sunday, June 10, 2012

Photo Challenge

Hands is the challenge set by Karen this week and I left it until the last minute to try and capture my photos. So much so that the ideas I had did not come to fruition plus my subjects were not as willing as with the last challenge.......they were too busy watching out for their cousins arriving. 

The idea I wanted was to keep the hand as the main focus with a deep depth of field so the body would be blurred. To some extent this is what happened only the hand is not as sharp as I would have liked.
Aperture Priority ISO100  f2  SS 1/3200

  Do you know that holding your arm/hand out in front of you is really really tiring!!
 bless him......

So onto number two subject who was a little more willing!
Aperture Priority ISO100 f2  1/3200

Then back to number one subject who decided he may be able to hold out two hands for me after all.
Aperture Priority  ISO 100 f3.2  1/1000
I like the composition on this photo and the bokeh effect......still the ((((now dirty)))) hands are not as sharp as I would have liked.

The next photo is probably my favourite. I like how he's holding his rugby ball. 

Needless to say they were relieved when the family started to arrive for Jack's and my niece's birthday celebrations.

Good company and the sun was shining
 (for a short while)
 a perfect Sunday!


  1. Great photos...should have seen my kids hands after being on the allotment today :) My eldest is getting good at letting me take photos of him now too...lots of practise posing and finally he is happy to choose where he wants the photo, I have some good hand photos from my hols too....handfuls of pebbles (took the photo rather than bring them all back :D)

  2. Great photos, I like the one with two hands held up. They're quite good little models really! x

  3. Fabulous photos. Love the depth of field you are getting.

  4. Great shots, I'm not sure my two would have been such willing participants! We used to run away and hide when a particular set of cousins used to visit us, sounds like these cousins are much more liked than ours!

  5. These are great pictures Louise - you could use them to illustrate so many stories. Very useful to have "on hand"!

  6. Love all these photos, Louise but think the 2 hands in front is my fave!! Your boys are so good for your photo sessions - Hannah is so reluctant whenever I produce the camera and suggest a photo or two (or twenty!)!!

  7. I think these are amazing Louise! Obviously I love the rugby ball one but I really like the depth of field on the first hands shot.

  8. Louise, these photo's are gorgeous hon! I love the fact that you can really see the lines on Jack and Stans hands! I love Jack holding his rugby ball too, he's very photogenic!

  9. great photos Louise - I especially like the second photo :)

  10. The photos are really lovely, and well done to the boys for being such good models. I remember when I first got my DSLR and drove my family demented taking photos of them doing different things! There's one somewhere of my brother in the air when I made him jump!

  11. Great photos Louise, I agree with you I think the rugby ball one is my fave too.

  12. Great set of photos Louise, like all of them and I can't decide on a favourite. Maybe a slightly narrower aperture would increase the focus for you as the wide aperture produces a very small area of focus - but then you loose your dof, worth playing with though. Thanks for taking part, sorry I am so long in this one. xx

  13. Sorry I'm so late but I've posted my shots now.

    I really like all of yours Louise but if I had to choose a favourite I'd settle for the second one ... or maybe the first! I like the composition and the dof in these two.

  14. Oh these are nice - hands are such a neat subject to shoot and yeah it is tiring. I like the rugby ball one the best I think. Glad you had a perfect Sunday for a bit.


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