Sunday, August 19, 2012

Faces this weeks photo challenge set by Karen over at Me My Camera Eye.

My willing subjects are my neice (on the right) and her friend.

This last photo is my favourite.
This months seems to be full of photo posts and today will be another photography opportunity as we head out to a Bike Festival.  

There hasn't been much crafting going on and I'm starting to feel a little twitchy so yesterday morning I sorted out all my craft stuff, had a massive tidy up and clear out ready to get going again.  

Happy Sunday x


  1. Thanks for taking part Louise, everyone is a head of me this week lol

    Love all three, nice exposure on all three, have to agree I like the third one best, they seem much more relaxed and I like the tight crop. xx

  2. All 3 photos are fab!! A good sort out and tidy up always makes me want to sit down and craft too!! x

  3. Oh, yes - such lovely natural looking smiles in that last one!

  4. I love how the series captures their age. I know what you mean aboit some times being photography heavy without enough other artistic pursuits.

  5. The last one is certainly a lovely happy photo. I hope you get back to some creating soon.

  6. You're right about that third photo! What pretty smiling faces - made me smile in turn!

  7. Love that last photo, the closer crop is great and of course their wonderful smiles!

  8. Great smiles - bet they love the photos too.


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