Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rinda scavenger hunt

I'm sure by now you have seen Rinda's scavenger hunt here. I've managed to find some more subjects to photograph this past week and to cross of the list.
A border
 A church
 Someone playing with a ball
  A clothesline.....minus the clothes

and outdoor stairway

A bride.Me. I'm still on a hunt for a real (not that I wasn't real!) of the moment bride. Just in case I don't find one, here is a photo of the frame that I see everyday. It sits high up on the side. So high that it was glad to be moved and dusted of . Oh to be young (and slim) again!

 and lastly a pier....sort of....a jetty at least. It does sit on water. We live in the most central point of the country...and it is hours to the nearest coastline so the chances of photographing a pier over the summer with no seaside holiday planned is nil. Never say never though!

The hunt still continues for a library and a movie poster.  The pier, bride and tree swing will be revisited. I hope this time I don't startle DH by shouting out my find so he doesn't have to swing the car off the road and stop abruptly lol!!

How are you getting on with the hunt?


  1. Not getting on as well as you are! These are super - what a lovely bride. :) Like your pier too - definitely counts!

  2. I love the church and don't you look gorgeous!!

  3. Brilliant - I would have to dust mine off too - in fact I am looking around to see where it is :0)
    My hubby has also has that rather disconcerting moment of stop the car! Mine was for the bride.

  4. I love your photo scavenger hunt. Faux Pier and ALL.

  5. Lovely selection of photos Louise. x

  6. What a beautiful bride!

    I love the idea of the clothesline without the clothes - that would get round the problem of most of our washing looking like rags when it's hung out lol

  7. Another great selection Louise..your Wedding pic is beautiful!
    Alison xx

  8. Fab photos, and I love those rudbeckia flowers, I wish I had a garden that I could grow them in as they always look so cheerful :)

  9. LOL at you shouting at hubby to stop the car! Some great finds and lovely pics. The church is beautiful and I think your pier counts! No one said it had to be in the sea!

  10. Piers don't have to be at the seaside, mine weren't! Great bride shot :)

  11. I think I must have visited some of the same places as you in London this year. My fountain was also Trafalgar Square but taken from th etop of a tour bus so a very different shot.


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