Friday, August 10, 2012

Rinda's Savanger Hunt

Sometimes I just can't help myself.........usually its the chocolate that calls me from the cupboard....this time its Rinda's photography Scavenger hunt. I'd seen all the posts popping up over blogging world and all the fabulous photos....I even checked out Rinda's amazing list. But that is as far as I got..........could I fit this in over the holidays, probably not...especially if I needed to hunt out items on the list.

Still every time I've been out I've seen potential photographic opportunities, in the back of my mind were horses, angles, fountains and ........well that was it. I decided I just had to join in with you all. 

 6. A historic landmark - Nelson's Column. If you look closely you'll see his Olympic makeover.
 7. A person playing a musical instrument. This photo makes me smile.......while watching him Jack (who's ten) announced "I'm not going to give him any money, he'll probably spend it on cigarettes!"

8. A person dressed as an angle. This was the coolest outfit (apart from the Bronzes..)

9. A fountain. In Trafalgar Square. The boys managed to find an area to sit and be photographed.

 10. A horse at Horse Guards Parade, London
 15. someone dancing.

20. A swing hanging from a tree  hanging swing. Not strictly what was asked for so I'll have to find another photo opportunity.....wanted to share this photo though...would you swing from such a height?
 21. A picture of you standing with something that symbolizes your nation. I'm not sure who would recognise this photo as symbolizing my nation! It is the statue of Charles I with me on the left and my sister on the right. 
  or what about this one, the London one of these qualify do you think?

Heaven knows what was so funny!

I've made a start now so I'm going to write down the list to take with me. Happy scavenging.


  1. Beautiful and lovely photos.
    Wish you a wonderful weekend,hugs Merethe

  2. it's great fun isn't it and I do agree with Jack!!

  3. It's a lovely collection - I especially like that angel. He's amazing

  4. Great catch up. I am very impressed with the angel. Found a grea.t scrapbook shop in Florida. I'll e-mail you.

  5. Great photos of London! I am doing poorly on the Scavenger hunt but I am not giving up hope, I just need to go places!!! :P

  6. Hi Louise, you've made a really good start on the list. This is the first I've heard of this scavenger hunt but I may join in. Do you know when the closing date is?

  7. That's an amazing angel! Your photos are shaping up into a lovely collection.

  8. Love the angel..and NO WAY would you get me on that swing!!!
    Alison xx

  9. Yea!!! You've made a terrific start and compiled a group of super fun photos. I love the angel and the family group by the London eye especially. I also really, really like how these just scream London!
    Thanks for joining in,

  10. What a great set of photographs for the Hunt. And thank you for the opportunity to see London at the minute in all her Olympic glory. Even Nelson is getting in on the act. Your family group is a lovely, happy photograph.

  11. Ooh, you've made a really good start on the Scavenger Hunt - and you'll have plenty of memories to look back on :)

  12. A great start Louise (I'm reading posts backwards while I catch up!) - I for one would not go on that swing! Your angel one is fabulous!

  13. Great photos... keep on hunting.

  14. How fun that you captured so many of the list. Great job!!

  15. I do need to go and take some Olympic photos of London - haven't been down into the centre much over the last few weeks. Too busy working!

    Definitely think the London Eye counts - you could have turned around and done St Stephens/Palaces of Westminster though :lol:


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