Sunday, September 09, 2012

Shoot from the Hip

Last Sunday I was supposed to post photos for Karen's bi-weekly challenge Shoot from the Hip.

So with camera in hand I tried it out this morning while standing at the sidelines watching the boys play Rugby. It has been lovely here this past week and it did seem strange watching the rugby in t-shirt and flip-flops. With a bit of luck I might get away without having to hook out my thermals for a few more weeks yet.

Now you may not wish to look any further lol Shoot from the Hip meant that I took photos of the grass and sky and really not much else. 

These are straight out of the you'll see there really isn't any point in faffing around trying to make them any better.
 The shoe is proof that there was something to aim for!
 A little better.
 In a funny kinda way I like this one.
 I must have tilted the camera too high after the grass shot. At least I managed to get Jacks head in...only just mind you.
This is my favourite rubbish shot. By fluke I managed to get the whole of Stan in on the left hand side.

Now if you'd like to see how's its done properly, pop across to Karen and she'll show you how. 

Have a good week, wishing you all some sunshine!


  1. That looks fun, I must give it a try :) And I really like that 3rd shot too!

  2. LOL, I think you have done really well, as it is not at all easy, takes practices and I still get lots of sky, ground and odd bits in mine - but it is good fun and when one comes out right it is usually good. I too really like the third one. Thanks for taking part and do try it again sometime. xx

  3. Apart from the fact that I am an epic fail concerning these challenges, I do enjoy checking your interpretations :) and I do like the two shots where we only see the bottom half of the players. I find it to be a different and very interesting perspective.

  4. I agree the ones where you only see the bottom halves are quite fun. Yes, you'd want some head shots too but it adds interest.

    Well done for trying.

  5. might have to give that a try, you can get some interesting shots!!

  6. I think you have captured the angles really well. It can't have been easy when they were all on the move. I also like number 3 because the boys look like they are discussing tactics and I am strangely drawn to the yellow and red markers! I am going to give shooting from the hip a try!

  7. I love these! The angles are really unsual but I think the pictures have a lot of movement and story to them. I've never really been brave enough to try shooting from the hop. Clearly, I need to give it a go, thanks for the idea!

  8. I really like these pictures. They are awesome angles. I especially like the one with the cones.

  9. Wonderful photos,I like them very much.

    You take always wonderful,lovely and fabulous photos:):)


  10. ooh, that sounds like fun, i'll have to try that! the photos look cool and really arty x


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