Thursday, October 18, 2012

SJ Crafts Challenge

Whatever your age, you have to have a birthday cake.
Don't you agree?

Sometimes there are birthdays that require more than one birthday cake.
Or does this just happen in our house?

This year number two son had a cake.  A small shop brought one that he picked and just big enough for his friends to have a slice each.

Then all the family arrive. I love that my family make a big thing of birthdays and although we are scattered about we always always make a point of turning up for each family members birthday. That is a lot of gatherings during the year. This year number two son's birthday was celebrated with family, two days before his actual birthday, on my niece's birthday. The joint gathering this year meant two more cakes. 
 Then there's the actual birthday, which wouldn't be the same without ten more cakes......
 ......cupcakes - his request, bless... he even had to count them to make sure I'd got it right!!
If you have some birthday photos to scrap why not enter SJ Crafts Challenge this month.
You can find all the details here.

Before I go I'd like to wish my darling nephew Charlie a very happy 11th Birthday today. We love you lots xxxxxx

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Christmas and Gingham

I posted some cute little ribbon bows last week. I liked them so much that I made a batch of  Christmas cards using the same style bow.

The tags look real good too.

You may remember that the bows I made here were for the Fantastic Ribbons blog where the DT share their stitching and ribbon creations this month. If you are tempted to try out these bows or indeed use ribbon and stitching on any of your projects this month then you may be interested in the challenge that Kirsty has set over at Fantastic Ribbons.

All you need to do is leave a comment on any Fantastic Ribbons posts between today and the end of October with a link to a ribbon project incorporating sewing, the DT will pick a winner and they will receive a ribbony prize from the guys at Fantastic Ribbons. What are you waiting for :)

I am all ginghamed out now, red, blue, green and black, every colour works.
What are your thoughts on Christmas Cards - are you planning on making your own?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Simply sew it up

For all you ribbon lovers, this month over at Fantastic Ribbons the DT are sharing their "Sew it Up" projects throughout October.

Using orange polka dot ribbon, a wider orange ribbon and a little lace ribbon (I love how delicately detailed this is)  I set up my sewing machine and got to work. I love the colour orange.. it reminds me of Satsumas.....which reminds me of Christmas....and with having boys I find it also makes a refreshing change on layouts from the usual blues and greens.
On top of the World!
There is not a patterned paper in sight, its amazing what a little ribbon (and green dot washi tape) can do.

With a few birthdays on the horizon the orange looked beautifully bright on these cards too.

 I've tried to illustrate in the photos below how I made these little polka dot bows. I hope it helps.
1. Take two stripes of ribbon approx 2" in length. 2. Shape each end on one of the lengths. 3. With the other length fold each end under to meet in the middle and hold it down with some double sided tape. 4. Take another small section of tape and adhere the folded ribbon onto the straight ribbon. 5. Place the bows on your card or paper and line up under your sewing machine 6. A single length of stitching down the middle holds the bows firmly in place. Finish with a little pearly on top.
I got a little carried away with these cute little bows.

Thanks for stopping by, have fun making your own little bows and stitching on your ribbon.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Storytelling Sunday

Today is Storytelling Sunday and I pondered on what to share today.

Sian suggested a dressing up story, so whilst I looked in my little book of notes and stories, I came across a quote recorded last year from number 2 son. It has nothing to do with dressing up but it did make me smile.

Over dinner one evening, this is when many of the stories in my little book take place, number three son was talking about what he wanted to do when he grew up.
 I gave my usual mum talk about how hard life could be if you didn't work hard at school. 
You know the talk I'm sure!

 At the end of dinner and our conversation there was a big *sigh*
 Jack shook his head and said,

"Life is harder than Maths!"

Thank you to Sian for reminding me of these little stories.

Monday, October 01, 2012

26 Week photo challenge

I have to smile.....when I read the prompt for yesterdays photo challenge I read "light" and that's what I have based my photos on. Only it seems the prompt may have been "lights"!!

Here are my photos. Light reflections. It was a very cold,  overcast autumnal day!! How different these photos would be if the sun had been shinning!

Karen thanks for the challenge, I hope you had a relaxing time away. It's amazing to think that another year of photo challenges is nearly over!

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