Sunday, November 11, 2012


Finally, there is order in the house.
 I'm not sure if its jet lag and/or holiday blues which has made me feel out of sorts this week, everything has taken much longer to do than usual.

With another week approaching far too fast I am back to work tomorrow *sad smile* and will have to start thinking and looking forward to Christmas. Christmas lists have been written this week, the boys didn't waste any time compiling them did they!!

As I have nothing crafty to share, I've popped back to show you some photos of our holiday. 
 It was lovely to see permanent smiles on faces.
 Magic Kingdom.
Island of Adventure
 A kind person offered to take a family photo for us. Then I took some for them.
 Harry Potter world was fantastic.
 yum yum Butter Beer
 We got lots of photos of the boys with Super Hero's. Even H played along!
 Buzz and Woody.
 Oh my! Tower of Terror!
 I screamed and...... screamed even louder when my bum lifted of the seat! The boys have told everyone we've spoken too that I screamed on pretty much every ride......
......and unfortunately I can't deny it either!
 another family photograph. 
Taken by one of the park photographers using my camera. She changed my camera setting....why? this photo turned out very dark.  I had to try to lighten it.
then there's a few photos like this one. 
I managed to stand and shoot many strangers before finding H and dad, this side front row! 

Have you been to Florida and did you scrap it?
 This was our first trip there and already i'm looking forward to going back. 
First though I want to scrap the whole holiday (might need to consider this an ongoing project :)
 I kept a book and collected all-sorts. At the end of each day or the next morning we all wrote something down about what we'd done.
 If you have scrapped your trip I would love to see. Maybe you could leave me a link.

Wishing you all a lovely week.


  1. Louise these are fab photos! We went in 2009 and my album is about 75\\\\\\\\\\\\5 finished. Like you I did a mini paper bag book to store all our tickets and got the kids to write on tages daily with their best bits. This was Discovery Cove
    This was stitch...
    and Suessland!... I think the rest is pre blog!!

  2. What great pictures. I grew up in California and went to Disneyland once every other year with my family. More if out of town family came to visit. I have taken my kids a few times on visits back to Calif. but I have never been to Disney World. (Someday) P.S. Love the Romones shirt! They Rock!!

  3. Looks like you all had a fab Time!! Glad you are slowly getting back to normal - it's always so hard after a holiday to fall back to everyday life isn't it/! Can't wait to see these potos scrapped!! xx

  4. Fantastic photos Louise, you look like you all had a blast! Don't worry I also scream on any rides I go on, even on water slides....the kids think it is hysterical :) It is great that you managed to get a couple of family photos, have fun scrapping them all!

  5. Super photos, so glad you had such a good time :) We've never been to Florida but we had an amazing month in California last year, including a trip to Disneyland!

  6. Looks like you had a great time!

  7. So glad you had an amazing time, difficult not to really, great photos and looking forward to seeing the album in progress. I was just the same with the screaming - in fact B refused to go on with me unless I scream less :( lol xx

  8. Oh, how fabulous! It looks like you had an amazing time - please tell us more about harry Potter World because I'd love to see that.

    We went to Disneyland Paris over Halloween once - the park was open at night and it was brilliant. Er, no. I haven't scrapped it lol

  9. Looks like you all had a fab time and I love the idea of keeping a journal on behalf of all of you.

  10. Oh yes we've been to Florida several times and scrapped it. The first time was in 2000 and I only did a few pages in one of my first albums. The next time in 2003 - that 12x12 album is huge, I keep thinking I should go back and redo it as a photo book.

  11. Wow, great photos. It looks like you all enjoyed yourself and I think it's lovely that you all made notes each day x

  12. We actually had our Honeymoon in Florida, many years ago :) your gorgeous photos really bought back those fab memories :)

  13. My Florida albums were certainly an ongoing project....I finally [2 years later!!] ended up with 3 albums full....but the kids still enjoy looking at them 7 years later.

  14. Wow,great photos and it looks like you all enjoyed the trip.
    I love the idea to make notes every day,:):)

    Wish you a lovely day.


  15. Looks like a great holiday Louise...I was just thinking that we probably need a Disney 'fix'' been years since we've been to the Florida parks, but the Disneyland Paris one we have done more recently
    Alison xx

  16. Great photos - looks like you had a fab time and Halloween decor as well!
    We went in 2000 and 2004 and the first holiday is all printed and stored in a traditional photo album with captions. The second is *just* being printed and scrapped - I started in October - a few pages are already on my blog. Luckily I have some very brief pocket diary entries to help with some of the "stories" but your "smash" style book looks like it's a much more extensive aide memoir!


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