Thursday, November 15, 2012

SJ Crafts Challenge....

...and this month its Christmas.
Isn't Christmas a special time of year. A time for giving and sharing and for creating. If you're making something Christmassey this month make sure you enter SJ Crafts Challenge.

For the challenge I was inspired by this wreath on Pinterest.  Only as us crafters do....I thought... 
...I could make those snowflakes instead of buying them!

I took photos of my creative process in case you fancy having a go. I started off with a sheet of cardboard packaging and two sheets of white bazzill

Using a large circle cutter (or a large and smaller plate) cut three circles,
then sandwiched the cardboard between the white bazzill to make the wreath circle. 

 The cardboard helps to make it a little more sturdy for hanging.
Alternatively you could buy a foam wreath....
 While the wreath was drying I used a bigshot and a large snowflake sizzix die to cut out loads of 3D snowflakes. A little glimmer and mist was added for some sheen and sparkle.
Wrap some string (or ribbon) around the top for hanging.
and then all that's left is to stick on all those snowflakes. After building them all up that is. 
Ensure you have plenty of 3D foam tape. There's nothing more frustrating than running out of something half way through a project is there?
When the snowflakes were built I placed a few around the edge of the wreath and stuck them down flat.
 Using 3D foam pads I built the base up high on the remaining snowflakes so that when they were placed on the wreath they stood proud of the others.
excuse the paint splattered and glued fingers
.....the finished wreath. 
It looks great hung up on my glass door.
It wasn't good though trying to photograph it on the glass so instead I took these photos on a dark background.
 Thank you for stopping by, tomorrow  I take part in Jennifers Frosty Festivities
 blog hop if you'd like to pop by again. Enjoy your Thursday evening.

Now don't forget, anything Christmas for SJ Crafts Challenge


  1. I've just been admiring this on the SJ Crafts blog, it's gorgeous! You've inspired me to have a go at a wreath myself, never having made one before :)

  2. Gosh this is soooo gorgeous,I love the idea.:D!!

    Fab work!!


  3. I just so love this, Louise. It's on my list of christmas makes!! Just hope mine looks as fab as yours does!! x

  4. Your wreath is beautiful. I bet the mist makes it SpArKLe!

  5. It's just stunning! How very clever, especially in the careful placing of all those snowflakes ... I hope it gives you and lots of others much pleasure!

  6. What a beautiful wreath. I have been debating whether I need a big shot or not and you may have persuaded me.

  7. This is gorgeous and a great tutorial. Thanks.xx

  8. FABULOUS!! I love it!!
    Alison xx

  9. beautiful, might have to give it a go!

  10. Oh that is so pretty - you are quite right we do tend to see things and figure we can have a go :)

  11. This is stunning Louise! It looks amazing.

  12. I love this wreath - I now have die envy LOL!

  13. Oh this is stunning I can see smaller versions hanging from a tree
    Jenny x

  14. That is simply stunning, if I saw that on your front door I would have to steal it! :) x

  15. It is just simply... so beautiful !

  16. Lovely! I love the fact that you made it all white! and it totally makes me wish I had a cutting machine...


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