Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hello Hello Hello,

It's been a whirlwind of activity since arriving home from our holiday last month. Starting with a hospital appointment where I had more tests carried out on my hip which has caused me an awful amount of grief since June. I think after an active holiday, where at times the pain had me in tears, the appointment was a long time coming. I am hopeful that the results will give them a firm answer as to what is wrong. It would be so nice to be able to walk and sit again without pain and not to have to rely on pain killers or to have my eight year old say "is your leg hurting mum, lean on me mum." bless. 

Anyway that's enough moaning. School and work finishes this Wednesday so it will be good to finish up with the Christmas shopping (oh yes I still have a little to do) get my Christmas cards written and posted (is anyone else as behind as me?) and relax and enjoy. 

I have done a little making....

 I've made a couple of picture frames. This time of year makes getting a decent photo so hard - this was the best of a bad bunch. I'm not sure if you can tell that the star is 3D.
These papers came from the 6x6 books that SJ Crafts has in her shop - there's a sale on there at the moment too.
  Some of these Ribbon Trees, you may well have seen these on Pinterest.
Christmas Red Gingham at Fantastic Ribbons
 Then last week my darling number one son tells me he has another Business Fayre at school. It's where the year group are split into small groups. Within these groups they have to plan and market a stall. The stalls can be anything from second hand goods, homemade goods to games or challenges. Each group gets to keep any profits they make and its a huge competition.

On Friday I meet some friends for coffee when one of then mentions Mondays Business Fayre. What this Monday I hear myself say. Oh my.....he'd better come up with something easy as we had plans for the whole weekend. Is that a typical boy or what!!? 

He announces on Friday evening that he's making Christmas least we have supplies for this one. And to give him credit he got down to making them. I was pleasantly surprised too with his choice of papers for Christmas trees.
 The dining room did look like a bomb had gone off. The other two decided to write out their Christmas cards (more than their mum has done!) at the same time.
 This is what the finished cards looked like and the one below was a firm favourite with me.

How are your Christmas plans coming along - are you all finished and ready for your day?


  1. I absolutely love the clean simplicity of those cards. He obviously has great taste and therefore takes after his clever Mum! Hope he does well tomorrow.

  2. Aren't these cool? I am sure they[ll be a great success - so clean a design and yet plenty of interest too. Nope, I am way behind on everything and not caring a bit :). (Mind you, that might be the hysteria kicking in).

  3. Gorgeous cards, taking after his mum. Hope the hip settles down soon. Don't worry about being behind I haven't met anyone who isn't yet this year :D have fun. xx

  4. Oh, Louise, I'm so sorry to hear about the pain in your hip. I hope you get an answer soon.

    The cards are fab, and so is the photo of everyone making them together. That's one to scrapbook!

  5. Hope the business fayre goes well today - those cards are pretty. I like the bug on the tree - made me smile :) Christmas cards being written - now there is a thought.

  6. Love that ribbon tree Louise. May have to remember that one!

  7. I am sorry to hear about your hip, I do hope they sort it out and help it get better soon x

    The cards look great, did he do well? :)

  8. What a great job your son made of the cards! I've just had a whirlwind week in the UK, so I can now concentrate on our own Christmas!
    Alison xx

  9. Fab cards - hope he did well!! So sorry your hip is still causing pain - hoping the tests find the problem and you can get the right treatment. I am way behind on my christmas prep this year .... but somehow we always get there in the end don't we?! x


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