Sunday, March 31, 2013

I was like really...

Happy Easter to you all.

I wonder how many of you are suffering from too much chocolate today. It's the first day of the year (the second is Christmas Day!) when the boys eat chocolate for Breakfast. I mean it wouldn't be fair for them to say "the Easter Bunnie's been" and then not let them have any. Of course it helps when they say "would you like some mum" !!

In the midst of another family get together and having friends up from London I managed to find a few hours to put another holiday page together this weekend. A page of Super Hero's and Villian's. I best not let on that I wanted to call them "Baddies" and had to google the term to find "Villian's" was the word I was looking for. Over the years they say Chocolate makes you fat, spotty, gives you headaches - do you think too much chocolate affects brain cells too?!

papers from SJ Crafts Snippets and Sundrifter range
Here's the layout - When we ventured into Marvel Super Hero Island in Florida's Island of Adventure park, it was great to see all the "real" Super Hero's (and Villian's).  The Green Goblin was brilliant, we watched him as he followed people around.... and then he saw Harry.  He made us all laugh - even Harry, who I'm sure at times thought it wasn't cool for a thirteen year old to have their photo taken with men dressed up as Marvel characters. He was a good sport though and as you'll see in further layouts he did join in....even when at times it looked half heartedly, his face and smile told us otherwise.
This layout will sit beside these 4x6 pockets. Jack decided he wanted a photo of him with Spiderman. Here he is with the Green Screen. The actual framed photo has pride of place in his bedroom. He was beaming from ear to ear.
 The hulk ride turned my stomach and that was just from looking at it. Because of the earlier Harry Potter experience of the day, it was decided that they would give this ride a miss today. Thank you for all your comments on my Happy Potter post. I know some of you were intrigued so maybe, just maybe I'll share the whole story later on!

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy the remainder of your Easter weekend.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Snippets Collection...2nd installment

It's been a busy week and then to top it off it snowed....disrupting our family get together on Saturday. I was so disappointed that my sister didn't get to us nor my cousin. You know when you've been looking forward to something for a while. Poxy weather. I've had enough now and wish for some warm spring days. The schools break up for Easter this week - do you think we're in for a little sunshine?

 So to remind me of warm sunny days I'm sharing the second 12x12 layout I made using the SC Snippets collection the lovely Sarah at SJ Crafts sent me. 
 This amazing full size castle is the Harry Potter Ride in Florida. The title of this layout is what my youngest son wrote about this ride at the end of the day.
   The 4x6 cards and photos will sit in the 4x6 page protector pockets next to the 12x12 layout.
 I have so much to journal for this page. Like.... how I came to have a photo of the "Public Convenience" sign and the full story of the Harry Potter Ride, the Forbidden Journey. The story will be popped into the pocket on the 4x6 as you really don't want to hear all the gory details that include the ride being stopped. They said over the tannoy system " ...due to a technical failure..." we knew better! 
 If you'd like to see more about the supplies used then there's a whole post over at SJ Crafts.

Thank you for all your lovely comments on the cake making post underneath. Stan loved the cake and had a super birthday.

Ruth, I still have your Harry Potter stickers...thank you...I'm saving them for the next lot of HP layouts!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Birthday Boy

We have a birthday in the house gorgeous baby will be nine.

He is mad about pigs and pugs and when trying to come up with a birthday cake idea this one was found online.

My DH went shopping for supplies of his day off work (he had my list!)  and when he couldn't get ready to roll (me and icing sugar make too much mess) pink icing, we ended up with red. "sunburnt" pigs are better than no pigs I say! 

I made the cake and DH dealt with all the chocolate......too much temptation when you are trying to be good.....he made the pigs and planted everything in place. 

Earlier today I posted the finished birthday cake on facebook with the comment
 "Finally finished Stan's birthday cake for tomorrow....phew!"  
A cheeky post directed at my DH. 

Well....I never imagined that such lovely comments would be left and all those likes..
now... how bad do I feel that they all think I made the cake!! 
(I did say he helped me - does that count?)

Oh what a position to get yourself into eh! 
DH just laughs and says I'm glad I didn't post it, I don't want all those facebook notifications!!
This is the finished cake, I forgot to add a cake board to my list. It just so happens that the plate has a lip on it that hold all those kit-kats together. 

Best get off now and wrap up those last few pressies for the morning.

P.S. Karen I'll send you some sunburnt pigs for Mick's Birthday Cake.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Studio Calico Snippets Collection

 Hello and happy Sunday to you all. This past week, I've been working with the SC Snippets collection from SJ Crafts shop.  
The 6x6 paper pad with cameras and arrows are lovely so I used them to complete two 12x12 layouts and some 4x6's for the pocket protectors.

First up is the beach/pool theme.
I fallen in love with the chipboard cameras and arrows. 

 These are the accompanying  4x6 cards and they will sit in the 4x6 page protector pockets next to the 12x12 layout.
If you'd like to read more about these projects, then please hop across and check out my other 12x12 layout with accompanying 4x6's.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Simply a Moment

Today is the 15th of the month and time for Alexa's simply a moment. I meant to post this last night and didn't get around to it. Today is now the 16th.

The Smart Party
The room is cosy and quiet. Just for a split second, while we all oooh and aahhh over the cakes. It was a super idea of Sarah's to take our Danish friend out for Afternoon Tea. So very English.

How the years have flown by since I first met Gitte, standing in her shop with a new baby. In that time she has become very dear to lucky was I (was we) to find such a lovely friend and one who loves to scrapbook.

The time has come, the one I dreaded. To enjoy her company before she leaves for her homeland. She has assured us she will blog regularly so we can follow the progress of her new life and the renovations of her new home. Today is not about how I (or even we) feel, it is about wishing our darling friend the best of luck with her new life.
Friday 15th March 1pm
 I thank Alexa for her monthly moment that gave me the prompt to record a special moment.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Visiting a blogging retreat and other things

Last weekend fifteen lovely ladies went away together for a scrapping weekend. As the retreat was close to home I went along for the day. It was lovely to have met the ladies behind the blogs.

Last week also consisted of World Book Day - lots of artist flair was needed to make the accessories for their costumes. I'm sure you can guess what one of the boys dressed up as?
 Then it was off to watch an international game. England vs Italy U20's
 ......and we won.

Today is Mothers Day,  I haven't yet thawed out from watching DS1 play this morning .....and it was snowing!  To see them win was well worth braving the elements.  I am just about to settle down with my three little men to watch  England vs Italy game on telly now. I wanted though to pop on here and wish all you mums a very Happy Mothers day.

Monday, March 04, 2013

Ruffle those Fine Feathers

Sunday the 10th March is Mothers Day here in the UK, so the Fantastic Ribbons DT were asked to share their Mothers Day Cards. 

Washi Tape Feathers - have you seen them? 

I first noticed them on Pinterest and decided to make some myself. 
  • All you will need is your washi tape and a fine wire.
  •  Place a strip of wire down the middle of your washi tape, the length of the tape (and wire) will depend on how long you'd like your feather to be.
  • Fold your tape over and down the other side, leaving a little tape at the end with no wire in it.
  • Shape your tape by slightly tapering the top and rounding each end.
  • Cut into the sides of the tape to create those ruffles.
I look forward to seeing all your projects with your very own handmade washi tape feathers.
 Big or small you can ruffle them all. 

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Story Telling Sunday - Pick your Precious

Hosted by the lovely Sian.  
It's the first Sunday of the month and time for a
 Thai themed "Precious".

Our honeymoon took us back to Thailand. This is probably of all the countries (not that there's many!) I've been lucky enough to visit, my most favourite. The culture, the people and the place is amazing.

The workshop was busy,  men sitting outside on the floor, in the sun carving huge pieces of wood....with hand tools. No machinery. We watched for ages. The designs were amazing, full of detail. These men were super talented. No drawings or sketches (that I recall).

Somehow we got talked (as you do) into purchasing a hand carving. A wedding present to ourselves. why not.

The carving we chose had to be shipped back to the UK. A tad too big for our hand luggage. Months and months after we returned home we received a call to say our chest had arrived at Southampton Docks.
Influencing by our time in Chang Mai elephant trekking.
Our chest has always had pride of place and is a piece of furniture that I hope I will never tire of. 

For more stories hop across and see Sian
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