Monday, April 29, 2013

Fantastic Ribbons

Good Evening to you all. On this fine fresh Spring day the Fantastic Ribbons Design Team will be bringing to you the theme of Flowers this month. 

For the project I had in mind I wanted some light and fluffy flowers and decided to use 
A running stitch was placed along one edge of the lace. The stitch was then pulled together to create the scrunched flower. I made two a few (I got a little carried away...) and used them to decorate an over-sized, layered, shaker tag to accompany a thank you pressie. The flowers are just enough to add texture and dimension.

I haven't used lace to make a scrunchie flower before neither have I tried making shaker tags. A friend showed me how and the effect is really lovely.

The twine, lace and button are all from Fantastic Ribbons. 

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you all feel the need to add some ribbon or lace flowers to your projects this month. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

More Super Hero's

I'm still working on my super hero's (and Villians). I finished this 4x6 page to sit beside Captain America. A little stitching and a photo of the Spiderman Ride. I had to take the boys on this ride because of the HP Simulator situation. There was no queue so I took a deep breath and urged the boys in front of me before I really had time to think about it.

These rides are pretty amazing - I had to keep reminding myself that my feet were firmly on the floor - sort of and I wasn't flying over New York City (at least I think it was NYC I had my eyes closed!!).

The boys loved Wolverine and his photo poses!

If you'd like a change from super hero's then Jennifer is hosting one of her blog weekends next month.

Just look at her sneak peaks. Will you be checking in for her blog weekend?  I know I will be.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Captain America

I wanted to say a big thank you for all your well wishes for my sons thumb. He was back at the hospital on Thursday only to be told that his thumb is broken not fractured. The chipped bone has broken right across the bottom of his thumb! ouch! His hand is plastered now to keep his thumb secure while it mends. He's left handed too so he's struggled with school this week and worried as he has his year 9 SATS in two weeks (love him). More importantly he won't be able to play in the last Rugby game of the season...funny enough he wasn't worried that he's going to struggle to wash though!! Boys eh! Thanks again.
Captain America is my hero of the day. Funny how he was never one of my Super Hero's until last year. After seeing the film and then meeting the "real" Captain America I think he's now made it onto my list. He sits nicely behind Iron Man!

This has to be one of my most favourite holiday snaps. The younger two are in the zone, the oldest is thinking "this isn't cool"! In the true spirit of things and knowing his mum wanted a photo...he was a good sport.
There is a glassine envelope under the layers (I do adore these) - you might just be able to make it out. Inside the envelope is a journaling card.

The papers are a mix of scraps really. The title is from the Echo Park Freedom Range with cameras and arrows from SC Snippets range.
So who is your Super Hero please do share.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Simply a Moment

After a break from school and work it's hard to get back into the swing of things...isn't it?
 Especially when on the eve of returning to school/work you have to spend hours in A&E with your eldest son. So on my return to work the following day my mind was once again drifting away from work. It so happens that it was the 15th of the month and on this day each month Alexa encourages us to record a moment in time.  
Monday 15 April 2013.
It's three thirty and I reach for my mobile phone. I dial H's number to see how his day was at school. All day he has been on my mind. Has he been in pain? Did his teachers get my email, sent late last night. Will he be given help and consideration for the next few weeks or so while his hand heals.
Are his friends helping him?  How did he manage to eat his lunch? How did his art work turn out? I smile, recalling our conversation last night when he said it couldn't turn out any worse than when his hand didn't hurt. All these thoughts and worries.... come on H answer your phone, tell me everything was alright. 

After eventually speaking to him he had taken it all in his stride and everything was indeed alright!

My poor man fractured and chipped a bone at the base of his thumb during a game of Rugby when he was away on Tour at the weekend. He can't remember exactly what happened only that at the end of the game his hand hurt. The swelling told us it was a little more than a sprain. 

Thank you Alexa 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Home for the next two weeks...

Happy Tuesday to you. 
What are you up too today? 
A little crafting time....meeting with friends....or like me you are at work?
Technology is fantastic. Not only can you schedule a blog post to appear when you are away from your laptop, you can also read the comments left on your post on your phone when you are at work. This bit makes me smile, laugh and brightens what may otherwise be a dull day at work. So thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. It was good to read after my last post how many of you were going to see what you had lurking in your cupboard.

Onto today's post. 

I mentioned previously how the TV in this house is dominated with "boy" programs Bear Grylls, American Chopper, American Restoration and Gas Monkeys. Your comments reminded me that there were some programs that I'd missed from the list. Top Gear, Police Camera Action & Pawn Stars, thanks to Mel, Sheena & Rhonda for the reminders.  

One of the programs I used to love watching was Cribs. American homes always look so impressive on the TV, especially celebrity homes. When we booked our Villa in Florida it wasn't as elaborate as some of the homes on Cribs yet the boys were looking forward to having their own swimming pool and games room for a while.

For our holiday album I wanted a record of where we stayed and the car we hired.
 The page protectors are part of the Echo Park Photo Freedom Collection purchased from SJ Crafts.
 The reverse side holds a few details about the trip itself.

Thanks for stopping by - I'll be back soon with Alexa's Simply a Moment.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Something Old....

How many of us have items in the cupboard that we don't use? 

A few years back (five or more maybe) my Mother-in-law brought a stamp set from one of the TV shopping channels, (QVC maybe!) She never used them and some while later she passed them onto me. This stamp set turned out to be a wooden box full of wood  mounted stamps.

At the time I wasn't into card making and these stamps really lend themselves to cards (...I thought!) They were packed away in the top of a wardbrobe and came out once or twice a year when I organised an all day crop. Recently I went through the box and pulled out some that I thought I could use on cards. Then on Friday afternoon I had another look through this box and pulled out some more. 

A few scraps of paper and this is the outcome.
 So simple. 

I am definitely a less is more kinda girl and although they don't photograph well (that could be me!) they do all look lovely. 
These are close up's of the stamps used.

Who'd have thought that I had a Rugby stamp hidden away in the wardbrobe for all these years. .
Many of you know that every Sunday morning, today was no exception, I stand at the sidelines watching my three play Rugby. Last week my son brought a rugby card for his friends birthday. I had to smile when I read the card and his reason for picking said....

"Football is a game played by boys running around pretending to be hurt. 
Rugby is a game played by boys running around pretending not to be hurt."

With this stamp I have no reason to buy another Rugby card again!
 This stamp will stay out of the box, It may even make an appearance on future Rugby layouts.

Have a think and if you have anything hidden away....get it out, 
you never know with fresh eyes you may see the potential.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

All about a boy

Good Morning to you all. The Easter holidays are flying by and we are trying to make the most of it before Monday arrives and normality resumes.

This month I have had the pleasure of creating with a fantastic Echo Park kit. I wonder if you are aware that SJ Crafts has released two new gorgoeus kits this month? I was lucky enough to create with  "All about a boy", you can find how I got on with the kit over at on the shop blog.

I used the kit exclusively and did not dip into any other all. I wanted to show you that not only is it suitable for the younger boy but for the bigger boy too. In fact I used the kit to create three layouts, one for a little boy, one for a big boy and one for the biggest boy of all.

Please do pop across and have a look. thank you.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Family x 1 Blog Hop

For a long time now I have seen Ruth blog her monthly family photo and like most things I see I have thought that it's a jolly good idea. So when I read her most recent post I hopped over to Margie (the family photo blog hop host) and left a message to say I'd love to join in.

My main reason for joining in is to ensure that I take a monthly family photo. I do take a fair amount of photos - but very few are of us all together. This past few weeks I have been thinking about getting our family photo only to find that each time there has been one of us missing!
 It's not a very good start for me is it!

Instead, for my first month I'm going to share a photo of my young cousin who we haven't seen for a while. She has been away at university studying and contacted us all for a family cousin catch up.  Whilst this was to be a family gathering where I hoped to get a photo of us all, the snow put a stop to it. One of my sisters and my other cousin were not able to travel to us due to the weather conditions. It really was a shame.

We had so much to catch up on, that the photos were left to the last minute. Here is my cousin in the middle, me on the left and my younger sister on the right.

   We grabbed my brother quickly, as he was leaving.
 If you'd like to see other family photos then please have a hop around.


Monday, April 08, 2013


Some things I never tire of making.

When the TV flicks between Bear Grylls, American Chopper, American Restoration and Gas Monkeys (you can tell I live in a house full of boys!) I take myself into the dinning room to mess around with paper. I can still see the TV and oooh and arrhh over the nice cars and bikes while joining in on the conversation. 

The frames are so easy to make, I just love them. Every one I've made is slightly different. The papers are a mixture from the Studio Calico Sundrifters and Snippets Range.

 A close up
So you can see all the layers
and the final picture - before it's placed in a box frame.

Is there something you make over and over because you love it/them? I'd love to know if there is.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Story Telling Sunday - Pick Your Precious

It's the first Sunday of the month and time for Pick Your Precious which is hosted by the lovely Sian over at From High in the Sky.....

Today I'm sharing with you the story of a very small toddler who became attached to the very precious Poppy Dog. 
Photo taken this afternoon, while chilling in his PJ's after a tough morning playing Rugby.
As our little man grew and started to talk he said "her" name was Poppy Dog!! Poppy went everywhere with him, she was the most loved and played with Poppy Dog. She ate with him, on occasion bathed with him (it was the only way we could get her clean!)  and slept with him. If Poppy Dog was misplaced then a little someone couldn't sleep and to this day (he was nine two weeks ago) he still cannot sleep without her.

Over the years there have been many many occassions when we've turned family and friends homes upside down, as well as ours, looking for Poppy Dog. Once we lost her for two whole days and nights. A little someone was in despair, no other cuddly dog was able to offer any comfort.

She was found safe and sound, asleep in a lunchbox. I'd forgotten that he'd had a lunchbox out to carry Poppy around in when he was playing. I don't think I've ever been so relieved.

When our little man was old enough to understand (and accept) that Poppy Dog might get lost if he took her out, she was left at home - keeping his pillow warm. Now she only accompanies him on holidays.

I've been meaning to take a photo of Stanley and his precious Poppy Dog for a while now, so thank you to Sian for Pick Your Precious.
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