Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Home for the next two weeks...

Happy Tuesday to you. 
What are you up too today? 
A little crafting time....meeting with friends....or like me you are at work?
Technology is fantastic. Not only can you schedule a blog post to appear when you are away from your laptop, you can also read the comments left on your post on your phone when you are at work. This bit makes me smile, laugh and brightens what may otherwise be a dull day at work. So thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. It was good to read after my last post how many of you were going to see what you had lurking in your cupboard.

Onto today's post. 

I mentioned previously how the TV in this house is dominated with "boy" programs Bear Grylls, American Chopper, American Restoration and Gas Monkeys. Your comments reminded me that there were some programs that I'd missed from the list. Top Gear, Police Camera Action & Pawn Stars, thanks to Mel, Sheena & Rhonda for the reminders.  

One of the programs I used to love watching was Cribs. American homes always look so impressive on the TV, especially celebrity homes. When we booked our Villa in Florida it wasn't as elaborate as some of the homes on Cribs yet the boys were looking forward to having their own swimming pool and games room for a while.

For our holiday album I wanted a record of where we stayed and the car we hired.
 The page protectors are part of the Echo Park Photo Freedom Collection purchased from SJ Crafts.
 The reverse side holds a few details about the trip itself.

Thanks for stopping by - I'll be back soon with Alexa's Simply a Moment.


  1. Your beautifully fresh and light pages really emphasize that holiday feel Louise. They're lovely.

  2. Princess was rather pleased to be able to explain to an American what Top Gear was - even if she's never watched it. I too like scheduling posts and then reading the comments during a momentary lull in the busy day :)

    Really enjoying seeing how you are using these page protectors, have a bunch from various places (found during my last sort out ;) and plan on using them - just haven't actually managed to yet...

  3. ooh I love seeing the photos of your trip as it reminds me of fab times we have had in Florida and I must scrap some of those stories as there are so many pics!

  4. Thanks for the shout out! I like to check my emails at work too and see if I've got any blog love!

  5. Ha ha, sounds just like our house although we also have Mythbusters, Storage Wars and Brainiac. Although I have to say I really like the first two of those and Top Gear is one of my favourite programmes :) Love your pages as always and all your little details. The villa and car look fab :)

  6. Funny I have never maanaged to get the schedule posting to work. Love your pages as usual. x

  7. These pages are just gorgeous

  8. Your last post inspired me to make a clean and simple card for hugs and he loved it - thank you! Those page protectors are fab aren't they?!

  9. Loving the way you document this!!! And I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one checking for new comments at work! :P

  10. Love the clean open feeling you having going - like the cobwebs are being cleared out on your trip.


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